Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Telugu Titans to take top spot

Jaipur Pink Panthers put on a team performance with the raid and department defense working in tandem and defeated the Telugu Titans by 51-27. Arjun Deshwal, Rahul Chaudhari, Sahul Kumar, Sunil Kumar and Ankush Rathee contributed and starred in this huge victory for Jaipur.

If the Titans were hoping to end their miserable run with an inspiring performance, then maybe now was the time to show up. Except that, almost from the start, it was the Pink Panthers who dominated.

They raced to the lead, and it took the Titans until they were down six points to score their first point of the game. However, Rahul Chaudhari’s SUPER RAID knocked out Mohit Pahal and Ravinder Pahal and helped Jaipur launch the game’s first ALL-OUT.

The Panthers went further, with a second ALL OUT to extend their lead to 23-7, with five minutes of the first half remaining. The Titans’ porous defense had been their failure all season and it proved once again, only 2 out of 21 tackles made in the first half. The Panthers entered the break leading 29-10.

Any hope of a resurgence was extinguished fairly quickly as the Panthers got a third ALL-OUT to extend their lead. The clinical nature of Jaipur contrasted sharply with the Titans’ lack of consistency and the points were piling up quickly.

Arjun Deshwal completed his 10 points with 10 minutes remaining and while there was no doubting his brilliance, the real eye-catcher was Sahul Kumar including 7 tackle points – four of which caught the Titans’ first raider Siddharth Desai – were an example of the Panthers’ dominance and the Titans’ failures.

The Titans got an ALL-OUT with seconds of the game remaining to cut the deficit. But by then, it was no longer a question of if or when, but how much the Panthers would win. Another double-digit demolition helped the Panthers solidify their position in second place in the points table.

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