Breathtaking moment, man saves life from base jumper after noticing he was NOT strapped to parachute before diving


It’s the breathtaking moment a man saves the life of a base jumper, after noticing he was not strapped to his parachute before taking the plunge.

The thrill seeker is believed to have died from a 110-meter-high bridge, after failing to properly don his parachute and protective gear.


The base-jumper’s dive could have been fatal, as he didn’t have his legs through the lower straps of his harnessCredit: TikTok
The hero parachutist was called Chris McDougall


The hero parachutist was called Chris McDougallCredit: TikTok
When the jumper is back to safety, the instructor says:


When the jumper is brought back to safety, the instructor says: “Don’t jump tonight, you owe me a beer”Credit: youtube

Fortunately, another eagle-eyed base jumper noticed his mistake.

The base-jumper didn’t have his legs through the lower straps of his harness and seemed to ignore his mistakes, as he was about to jump off the bridge.

In the footage, which was filmed in Croatia in 2016 and recently resurfaced, the instructor base-jumper appears to notice the incident and rushes to stop the man from jumping,

As he walked towards the jumper shouting “stop, stop, stop” on the way, the man seemed to ask him if he hadn’t put on his Go-Pro correctly.

Go Pro?” he asked the instructor.

“Put the fucking aside on the deck, you ain’t got no fucking leg straps, fucking idiot,” the instructor said in response, speaking with a heavy Aussie accent.

“Jesus Christ. Go home, get off that fucking bridge tonight.”

When the jumper is back to safety, the man says, “Don’t jump tonight, you owe me a beer.”

According to Thing reports, the hero parachutist was Chris McDougall, who was instructing that day and noticed the potentially fatal hobbyist error.

Speaking to the media outlet, he said: “I surprised him about a second and a half after he jumped straight to his death.

“If he had jumped off that object, he was going to die.”

The footage was recently shared on TikTok, by Skydiving Is Lit, who added: “For those wondering, since her legs don’t go through the harness, there’s nothing preventing her from falling from the bottom.”

Since its publication, the video has received 946,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

Many users have said that the potential rider owes the life of the other man.

One user said: “Much more than a beer, I say a 24-pack to start.”

“A beer? No, he gave his firstborn baby his name,” said another.

A third added: “I saw him as soon as the video started. Thank god for those guys I’m just baffled how he got this far without him and no one notices.”

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