IPhone 13 Camera Rumors: Portrait Video, Bigger Zoom & More


Suspected renders of the iPhone 13 lineup have been leaked on Twitter, giving us a glimpse of the new camera bump.


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Apple’s new iPhone should make its mark starts September 14, but until then the rumors about the iPhone 13 continue to fly. So far we’ve heard an exciting buzz about the iPhone’s upcoming camera features. IPhone 13 may have Portrait mode for video, improved wide-angle lens, larger zoom and more.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max impressed us with the quality of its camera, capable of taking professional quality photos with its multi-purpose configuration. His superb night mode is also a big plus, just like the new ProRaw Image Format which allows professional shooters more flexibility to edit images in applications such as Adobe Lightroom. Even the cheapest base iPhone 12 can take great photos and shows Apple’s commitment to providing excellent imaging capabilities across its range.

Read on to find out everything we’ve heard about the iPhone 13 cameras so far. And we’ve also collected some rumors about the iPhone 13. the price, design and colors, and how could that compare to iphone 12. Plus, here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 13 release date and our iphone 13 wishlist features and specifications.

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Top 5 Most Exciting iPhone 13 Rumors


IPhone 13 could have ProRes and Portrait modes for video

The iPhone 13 could feature at least three major new camera and video features. According to a Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman August Report, Apple’s latest iPhone could offer the video version of Portrait mode, a higher-quality video recording option called ProRes, and a new filter system to improve the look and color of images.

Portrait mode was originally released with the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016 just for taking photos. But, if Gurman’s information is correct, you will soon be able to record videos with a bokeh effect behind your main subject.

For ProRes rumors for the video, Gurman speculates that its availability may be similar to how Apple’s ProRaw technology is exclusive to high-end iPhone 12 models. If so, ProRes might only be available for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Improved wide angle

The biggest rumor at the moment is an improvement in the ultra wide-angle lens. At the moment, the ultra-wide aperture on the iPhone 12 is f2.4, but a report seen by MacRumors suggests that the aperture will be f1.8 on the next model. The smaller the aperture number, the more light the lens lets in, resulting in better quality images, especially in low light. The report also suggests that this upgrade will be common across all iPhone 13 models, not just the more expensive Pro line.

Night mode already looks great on the iPhone 12 with its regular lens, but as we found out in our test against the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Pixel 5, the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not do well at taking ultra-wide night photos. Hopefully this boost would allow this broad goal to keep pace with the others.


Andrew Hoyle / CNET

12 Pro Max specs on cheaper phones

The above report also suggested that some of the specs of the current high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max will move to the standard iPhone 13 and Pro. In particular, the 2.5x longer telephoto zoom.

It is also possible that the lidar function for improved depth detection – currently only available on 12 Pro models – will be available on the entire iPhone 13 range.

A bigger camera bump

Diagrams seen by MacRumors suggest that the camera “bump” surrounding the current iPhone 12 lineup lenses will be thicker. This would allow the lenses to sit flush with the surface, rather than protruding like they currently do. While this may be purely for aesthetic reasons, it may be in part to allow the wider aperture and stabilization of sensor displacement that can be added to the ultra-wide lens.


A rendering of the iPhone 13 compared to the iPhone 12 camera bumps.


The diagrams also suggest that the size increase will be common to the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, which may indicate that both phones will have an identical camera setup, providing optimal photographic performance regardless of the camera. size you choose. It would be a welcome change for photographers – myself included – who want the best possible picture quality, but prefer to have a smaller phone in their pocket.

A more recent leak showed renderings of the four iPhone 13 models with slight differences in the configuration of the camera. The photo, shared on Twitter by leaker Sonny Dickson, suggests that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini could have its two lenses located diagonally, rather than one above the other.

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Top 5 Most Exciting iPhone 13 Rumors


No big surprises

There are currently no credible rumors of any drastic changes to the camera, so it’s safe to assume that the overall triple-lens setup will stay roughly the same. It’s not really surprising; Apple has just fine-tuned its telephoto lens on the 12 Pro Max, so it’s unlikely to replace it right away with, say, a 10x zoom (despite Samsung S21 Ultra kick iPhone ass while zooming). That said, an early rumor suggested we might see a longer “periscope zoom” on the iPhone, but that might not, if at all, show up until 2022.

But we’ll keep an eye out for the rumor mill and update this article with the most credible reports as they arise.

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