Hunter finds lost GoPro, but bear found it first and caught video


iStockphoto / cchoc

  • Archery hunter recovered his lost GoPro after missing for four long months
  • After finding the lost GoPro, he realized that a black bear had found the camera and recorded video of the inside of the bear’s mouth.
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A GoPro camera wouldn’t make a delicious meal. It doesn’t matter if you are a human, a tiger shark, or a wild bear, eating a GoPro wouldn’t be good in the stomach.

A Wyoming archery hunter lost his GoPro in the wild for four long months. He recently picked up this camera and once he brought the GoPro home and charged, he realized that a black bear was there first.

The bear triggered the camera to start recording, which isn’t exactly easy, and then filmed less than a minute of footage as the bear tried to eat the foreign object. As spectators, we can see the inside of a bear’s mouth, which no one other than a vet would want to see up close.

Here is what D. Schlit discovered on his GoPro when he found it after four months of escaping into the wild:

Folks, the amount of bear related content on YouTube right now is bananas. I first came across this clip on Twitter, but I found it on YouTube on the ViralPork channel. Then I hit ‘ctrl + f’ to see how many bear videos they had posted in the week since this ‘bear finds GoPro’ was uploaded. They share like 5 bear videos a day.

Here are some recent examples, for bear fans:



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