How to Use “Photographic Styles” to Take Brighter iPhone Photos



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IPhone takes very natural photos. It doesn’t correct colors much, saturate colors, or increase contrast by default just to make an image stand out. What I’m saying is that the iPhone’s camera is, by default, a bit basic.

Make no mistake: iPhone’s camera is good, if not excellent, at capturing what’s in front of you. But the resulting photos may look a bit disappointing compared to the same photo taken by a Samsung or Pixel phone; these devices tend to produce photos full of color and contrast by default. It has less to do with their cameras and more to do with how phones process images, but the less natural but more visually striking look is one that some definitely prefer over the more “natural” iPhone photos.

Apple seems to have realized this, because on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, you can really personalize How? ‘Or’ What the camera takes pictures — aAnd no, we’re not talking about filters. These changes are actually coded in the image processing of the iPhone, and therefore baked in the pictures themselves (this means that unlike the applayer filter, you cannot undo these changes later). Here’s how to use Apple’s new Photographic Styles feature to take more Pixel or Samsung-like photos.

Usee iPhone 13 Photographic styles take photosis that look like those shot on a Pixel or Samsung

Photographic styles are integrated into the Camera app on all IPhone models 13. In the Camera app, tap the Arrow at the top to display the toolbar above the trigger. Tafter Photographic styles icon (tripled squares). You can Also find this icon in the top right corner of the Camera app.

Now you can browse through the five different modes—Standard, Rich contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Costs. The screenshot below gives you an idea of ​​the difference between them:

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“Standard” understand no effect. “Rich contrast ” makes you photos very close to those taken on a Pixels. If you want Samsung style photos, choose the ““Vibrant” mode. The rich contrast reduces the tone, while Vibrant increases it. Both the “Your” and “HeatThe parameters are customizable. Tap any of the options and swipe left or right to customize it.

Image from article titled How to Take Brighter Photos on Your iPhone

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Once you’re happy with the look (it’ll update live in the preview, so you’ll know what you’re getting before you take a photo.), exit this menu. The setting will be saved and all future photos will be taken in this style.

If you want to go back or choose a different style, you’ll have to start the process again: Open the Camera application, press the Photographic styles button (three squares), then return to the “Standard“, or choose another.


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