The call of a zoo after the flight of a drone in the enclosure of the giraffes



SWEET GIANT: Mandela, one of two giraffes living at the Emperor Valley Zoo is seen in this file photo. The zoo alerted the public via its FB page on Sunday to an incident in which a drone flew into the giraffe’s enclosure, causing the animals to jump. –

The Emperor Valley Zoo is warning people not to fly drones inside the zoo as this could cause serious harm to the animals.

The zoo, on its Facebook page, said on Sunday: “This morning, a drone flew inside the zoo’s giraffe enclosure.

“We are begging people not to use their drones over the zoo, as this frightened the animals and could have caused the giraffe to stampede, which could have caused serious injury.”

The zoo said this type of equipment causes stress and discomfort for any animal it flies around. The zoo has two giraffes.

“We call on the person (s) operating their drone in the area to cease and desist from overflying the Emperor Valley Zoo. Thank you.”

The post drew a strong backlash from social media users, all of whom condemned the person who operated the drone.

“The police need to get involved, our precious animals need to be protected, people need to understand that it can cause serious injury if the animals feel scared or threatened,” one user wrote in the comments section of the zoo post.

“This entire area is an official no-fly zone. This should be discussed with the authorities. Did you retrieve or watch the drone? Newer DJI devices have their flight records stored by DJI and can be retrieved by request, “posted another Facebook user.

“This is very unacceptable. Do these people have no sense or consideration for animals? What is wrong with the people in this country?” another user posted.

Checks with law enforcement sources have shown that just like Piarco International Airport, Pt Lisas Industrial Zone and several other places in the country, Port of Spain is legally a No-Fly Zone (NFZ), so that ‘a person stealing in the city permission – does it against the law.
Authorization from the police department as well as the TT Civil Aviation Authority is required before a person can fly a drone in these restricted areas.

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