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Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCAT) (“Red Cat” or the “Company”), a provider of hardware-compatible software for the drone industry, has announced that the primary business strategy for its Enterprise segment will be “Remote flying drones anywhere. . “This strategy reflects a new leadership decision from Dr. Allan Evans, its new COO.

“Business customers need not only drones, but also robust software for fleet and flight management,” said Dr Evans. “We have accumulated a range of software solutions that are enabled by our hardware platform of intelligent drones and digital video linkage. We believe our ability to remotely fly drones anywhere provides our customers with a significant reduction in manpower, travel and training compared to any other enterprise system on the market. Our continued relationships with large industrial companies like GM and Aramco represent a clear affirmation of our business strategy. “

Over the past two years, the Company has made three separate acquisitions that have expanded the portfolio of drone products, services and solutions offered to commercial customers through its Enterprise segment. These technologies allow drones to deliver services and solutions more efficiently, faster and at lower cost.

  • Fly drones anywhere. Skypersonic allows drones to “fly anywhere”. Its Skycopter is a miniature drone in a protective cage capable of navigating tight spaces, such as oil and gas pipes, while recording critical inspection data without damaging the pipe or the drone. Its Skylogic software system allows the drone to record inspection data even if GPS communications are not available in such restricted environments.
  • Fat Shark’s Shark Byte digital video transmitters provide the downlink technology which is essential to enable the drone to transmit the data recorded by the Skylogic system to the Dronebox.
  • DroneBox will provide the basic data storage and analysis platform that will enable businesses to efficiently store data from thousands of flights. The FAA has determined that drones will need to record and retain critical flight data in the same way that planes must have black boxes.
  • Remote flying drones. Skylogic and our digital glasses integrate seamlessly to allow drones to be remotely piloted thousands of miles away. In January of this year, Rotor Riot president Drew Camden controlled a drone flying in Michigan while it was physically in Orlando, Florida.
  • The Enterprise segment plans to engage key products and services from the Consumer segment of the Company to fulfill its mission. In addition to the Fat Shark data link, a list of professional pilots will be obtained through Rotor Riot’s large social media and network presence.

About Red Cat Holdings, Inc.

Red Cat provides products, services and solutions to the drone industry through its four wholly owned subsidiaries. Fat Shark Holdings is the leading supplier of First Person View (FPV) video eyewear for the drone industry. Rotor Riot, LLC is a leader in the sale of drones and FPV equipment, primarily to the consumer market through its digital storefront located at www.rotorriot.com. Rotor Riot enjoys high visibility on social media through its Facebook page and sponsorship of a professional drone racing team that has won numerous championships. Skypersonic provides software and hardware solutions that allow drones to perform inspection services in locations where GPS is not available, while still recording and transmitting data even when in use at thousands of kilometers. Red Cat Propware is developing a Software-as-a-Solution (“SaaS”) platform to provide drone flight data analysis and storage, as well as diagnostic products and services. Learn more about https://www.redcatholdings.com/

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