Matt Corral’s pro day: How to watch, what to expect from Ole Miss QB in NFL Draft practice

Prior to his injury in the Sugar Bowl against Baylor, Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral was considered Kenny Pickett’s 1b of 1a among quarterbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft. , Corral’s status throughout the process has been in question, but without a clear leader at quarterback, Corral is looking to fight his way to a top pick.

Corral’s schedule has been favorable so far, and he’s now set to compete in Ole Miss’ pro day on Wednesday. The quarterback, whose intangibles have become a major part of his appeal for many teams, is noted for his scrambling, his ability to make plays in the RPO and his big arm.

While Corral may not be quite 100 percent, there’s been a lot of noise about the depth (or lack thereof) of quarterback talent in this year’s draft.

In one of the busiest offseasons for the quarterback move in NFL history, that could bode well for a player like Corral, who isn’t projected as a Day 1 starter but is seen as a player who has plenty of room for growth in the right environment.

When is Matt Corral’s pro day?

  • Dated: Wednesday March 23
  • Time: 4 p.m. ET

Corral’s pro day is Wednesday, March 23 at 4 p.m. ET. You can’t watch it on NFL Network.

How to watch Matt Corral’s Pro Day

When Corral’s pro day begins, it will air on NFL Network. You can stream NFL Network through fuboTV if you cut the cord.

What to watch from Matt Corral on his pro day

The first thing to watch with Corral will obviously be how he moves.

If Corral recovers from the ankle injury he picked up earlier this year, that should start to shake the reluctance to draft him. More than ever, teams are looking for players to contribute early and often, and anything that threatens those contributions is being scrutinized in the draft.

Keep an eye on Corral’s accuracy and how he moves in the simulated pocket. Corral has completed 67% of his passes in four years at Ole Miss, so his accuracy shouldn’t be an issue. His other career numbers include (with last year’s stats) 8,287 passing yards (3,349), 57 touchdowns (20), and 23 interceptions (five). Corral also rushed for 1,338 yards (614) and 18 touchdowns (11).

All that to say: Corral is a pure dual-threat option who will be decisive and precise when he throws the ball. While his ankle obviously doesn’t affect his decision-making, if it still gets in the way, it can affect his ability to make the split-second decisions needed to successfully kick the ball at NFL level. Although this does not apply by week 1, teams will notice if it affects it by throwing the ball on this professional day.

Projection of Matt Corral’s 2022 NFL Draft

Corral is one of those players who could go pretty much anywhere in the draft depending on how teams view his health.

Although he’s almost certainly an early-round pick, look for Corral to be on a team with a pervasive — but not immediate — need for QB. A mid-range team like the Saints would suit Corral, as he fits the mold of what they like to do offensively (see: Taysom Hill).

That being said, if Corral’s pro day goes well, he could well be kicked out of the roster at No. 18. The NFL is a winning league — perhaps more than any other league in American sports — and a team feeling the pain. pressure could snatch him into the top 15. After all, Corral was seen by many as the QB1 alongside Pickett heading into this draft. If he impresses on his pro day and limits reservations about his ankle, then maybe we’ll see that teams’ reservations about signing injured players start to fade.

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