LG U + to develop smart drones powered by 5G technology

Officials from LG U +, Korea Aerospace University’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation and Quaternion pose for a photo after signing an agreement to develop smart drones on December 26.

LG U + announced on December 26 that it had signed a commercial agreement to develop AI differentiation solutions and specialized mission equipment for 5G-based intelligent drones with the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Korea Aerospace University and Quaternion.

LG U + loaded 5G mobile communication and remote control functions into drones. Smart drone services perform non-visible control functions and real-time video transmission. Its AI drone fire detection system uses advanced computer-based AI image analysis services and thermal cameras.

Korea Aerospace University is a private university specializing in the aviation sector. Thanks to his exceptional expertise in drone education and research, he was selected for the Ministry of Education’s Brain Korea 21 (BK21) project and the Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC +) project in 2021. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) research is also underway for future mobility at the university.

Quaternion is a company specializing in the design of drone structures, flight control systems and security solutions. It has drone-specific small mission equipment solutions and original flight control computer (HW / SW) technology. At Seosan Drone Demonstration City in 2021, the company showcased security solutions using wired drones to prevent tidal flats and is embarking on the commercialization of mobile wired drone systems.

Through this cooperation, LG U + will secure additional ranges of small and medium-sized drones and develop mission equipment such as small, lightweight, high-pixel thermal imaging (EO / IR) cameras. In addition, it plans to use drones in forest fire detection services after increasing their flight time, thereby improving the convenience and applying AI fire detection technology to them.

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