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#VIDEO: With a @GoPro strapped to my head, I embarked on adventures in #PuntaCana while at @FinestResorts…and made my way to @LaHaciendaPark where I rode a horse, milked a cow , yes, milking a cow, driving buggies while Kyla was doing something that I had never done in this life…

You know, I love my life. I can’t make up some of the things that have happened, are still happening, or will happen tomorrow.

I share a video – and photos – with you – of me milking a cow in the Dominican Republic.

Crazy, right?


But in fact, with a GoPRO strapped to my head, our little family unit headed out to La Hacienda Park in Punta Cana for SEVEN… count them… SEVEN distinct adventure opportunities on one excursion of a day that I will remember forever.

For the first time since I was almost 20, I went horseback riding. Sure, it was Western Saddle, and it’s easier to ride than an English saddle… but hey, when you’re in the Dominican Republic and you think you’re too heavy for a horse, you do this what you are told.

For the first time in my life, I went to discover this mountain in a dune buggy.

For the first time in my life – or – in my life that I can remember, I milked this Dominican cow.

It’s true.

I milked this cow.

Some of you iHeartCountry people I know just think you know…horses and cows.

I’m from Texas, my friends. We know our horses and our cows.

So, armed with my GoPro, I shot this video for you. And, thanks to GoPro, I was able to whip up this video for you while I was in the Dominican Republic. I hope you enjoy. And stay close, because there’s one more BOUQUET about to flow like that cow’s milk did.

By the way – can I just say how smooth and strong my grip was to get that milk straight out of that cow?

Do not mess With Texas. Or Texans named Toby. You understand.

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