The Google Pixel 7 Pro’s camera is a great Christmas gift

What’s new this year? Although the Pixel 7 Pro features an eye-catching Tensor G2 chip and a sleek design that leans heavily on a blade runner– sci-fi style, it’s still the camera that gets the biggest glow. There are ways to take close-up macro photos at the iPhone 14 Pro, much improved zooms over long distances, and a really smart ability to crop into shorter zooms for optimal framing of your subjects. Admittedly, none of these additions are game-changing on their own, but add them all together and you’ll end up with a seriously impressive piece of kit. Essentially, they make it much easier to take a decent photo.

For example, we witnessed the clash between Chelsea and Arsenal before the World Cup the other week and were tasked with taking pictures from the touchline. Besides simply having an extremely short deadline to get the job done (and a club photographer behind our backs barking well-meaning if slightly passive-aggressive instructions), you had Mason mount, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the others rushing in all directions. You can be the judge of what we put out but, given the challenge, we were very impressed with the results.

Ready for Christmas, good for the long haul

Now as much as Rahim Sterling and your grandmother probably don’t have much in common, the fact is that many of the Pixel 7 Pro’s photographic traits will do just as well in the frenetic family Christmas lunch arena as they do at Stamford Bridge. Color accuracy, sharp focus and the ability to handle multiple subjects without breaking a sweat? It’s all going to excel both on special occasions and when dealing with standard WhatsApp pricing for years to come, especially since the Pixel 7 Pro is guaranteed for three years of software updates and five years of updates. security update by its manufacturer – useful things at a time when you might not want to change your phone every few years.

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