public safety drone specialist launches humanitarian rescue program | Robinson+Cole Data Privacy + Security Insider

BRINC, a public safety drone specialist based in Las Vegas, Nevada, announced this week the creation of the BRINC Global Rescue Network, a program committed to contributing to global humanitarian efforts. The network includes 24 public safety professionals, military veterans, and current and former drone racing league professionals. The team has been deployed to over 55 countries.

BRINC assisted war victims in Ukraine and those affected by the collapse of the Champlain Towers in Florida. These experiences led BRINC to set up this drone rescue program, creating a formal system for donating the use of its equipment, personnel and expertise to first responders and government agencies during a natural disaster. or a humanitarian crisis. This program will reduce response time for rescues and also contribute to faster deployment of drones where and when they are needed most.

This BRINC network will be used for emergency response, personnel recovery, route clearance, inspection of downed utilities, rescue in GPS-less and underground environments, reconnaissance of weakened or structurally unstable buildings, search and rescue and HAZMAT missions.

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