Police diary: Man arrested for YES and for speeding, shoplifted drones

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


May 14, 2:50 a.m.: An officer spotted a speeding vehicle as it headed west on Mt. Auburn Street. The driver also veered out of the traffic lane a few times. The Volvo SUV was clocked at 44mph in a 30mph zone. He then turned onto Irving Street and the officer turned on his headlights. The vehicle slowed down, but then accelerated and parked in the garage of a building on Arsenal Street. The officer followed and found the driver, who said he didn’t stop because he was near his house and would stop there. The officer detected signs of impairment, including the odor of alcohol on his breath. The driver admitted to having consumed alcohol before driving. He hasn’t passed four field sobriety tests. Emrah Ozay, 32, of Watertown, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and was cited for speeding and driving on the left of the center line.


May 9 11:45 a.m.: The School Resource Officer at Watertown Middle School was notified that someone had vandalized the stairlift at Moxley Field. Someone spray painted explicit designs on it. The Department of Public Works was notified and it was removed.

May. 11, 12:05 p.m.: The Best Buy store manager reported a shoplifting incident on May 5. Around 3:40 p.m. that day, a person entered the store and broke the lock on a display case that houses drones. The person took two DGI drones, worth $1,300 each, and walked out of the store. Then they lost sight of the person. It costs $700 to repair the case. The suspect is described as a man wearing a light blue button-up shirt with an American flag on the shoulders, a Yankees baseball cap and jeans. The police are investigating.

May 11, 1:06 p.m.: A woman reports that someone used her credit card to make fraudulent purchases. She had lost her credit card and noticed 12 separate transactions on May 8 and 9 for $10.88 each for Microsoft Xbox items. She had lost her credit card. His bank was notified and closed his account. The woman will be reimbursed for the losses.

May 11, 2:37 p.m.: Someone used a company credit card to make purchases of $5,680 between April 19 and May 9. The purchases were made at various locations including the Logan Airport car park, a business in Weymouth and restaurants outside. of Watertown.

May 11, 10:17 p.m.: A resident of an apartment in Arsenal Yards reports a missing package. She ordered two garments worth $130 and the package was confirmed delivered by FedEx on May 6. When she went to the mail room, he was missing.

May 13, 3:16 p.m.: A resident of Munger Apartments on Warren Street reported a stolen package. She had ordered a Black & Decker bedroom fan, and it was confirmed delivered by noon that day. When she went to pick it up, the package was not there. She suspects it was stolen.

May 15, 11:06 a.m.: A Phillips Street resident reports that her car may have been vandalized. She parked on the street overnight and got out and found the driver’s side front and rear tires were flat, and she saw a small hole in each. She doesn’t know if she drove over nails or if it was done on purpose.

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