New Ms. Marvel Set Photo Teases Robotic Drone Attack In Disney+ Show

Ms. Marvel is currently filming in Atlanta, Georgia, after lead actress Iman Vellani wrapped filming the Captain Marvel following, Wonders. The Disney+ show has come under fire from fans for its cast and changes to Kamala’s powers, but many are still hoping these reshoots can alleviate some of those issues.

Unfortunately for these fans, these routine covers are unlikely to Ms. Marvel will drastically change everything that has ever been filmed for the series. But that’s not to say these shots are just catches, as one viewer was able to capture a photo of Kamala Khan fleeing, according to the photographer, from a robotic drone.


Ms. Marvel chased by robotic drones


Atlanta Filming has shared a new leaked photo from ongoing reshoots of Ms. Marvel in Atlanta, Georgia. The image shows Kamla Khan supposedly fleeing “robotic drones while wearing his replica Captain Marvel costume.

Atlanta Filming also commented that “The drone was really cool” and that was “a physical prop that two guys wore,” suggesting it had an atypical design for a drone.


Influence of the inventor?

In the comics, the only time Kamala Khan was really chased by a swarm of drones was when she faced off against her first supervillain in The Inventor, a crazed clone of Thomas Edison whose DNA sample was found. unfortunately been contaminated by a pet cockatiel. The hybrid clone would use its intelligence to create ridiculous machines to fight its enemies, including small flying drones.

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Drones Comic Panel
“Mrs. Marvel” (2014) – Issue 4

However, although the inventor was rumored years ago, it looks like the villain will be absent from Ms. Marvel’s origin, though his influence may still linger. Drones have been described as “very cool” and to be operated by two people, and they could sport unique designs similar to those used by The Inventor in the comics.

Fans will find out what these drones will look like when they watch Ms. Marvel on Disney+ mid-2022.



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