Would you prefer an iPhone with a pill-shaped front camera?

Rumors suggest Apple is working on a new design for this year’s iPhone models, which will likely be called iPhone 14. While we already expected the notch to give way to a more understated cutout, a recent leak suggested that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a pill-shaped front camera. Now we want to know what you think.

Current iPhone models, with the exception of the iPhone SE, have a notch at the top of the screen, which is the name of the area where the Face ID sensors and front camera are located. With the iPhone 13, Apple reduced the size of the notch for the first time, but it’s still pretty much the same shape as before, just smaller.

Now it looks like Apple is finally ready to move forward with the iPhone design. According to multiple sources, the company has experimented with a new design that features the Face ID sensors hidden under the screen. This would allow the company to ditch the notch since the camera lens would be the only component that required a cutout on the screen.

The hole-punch design is nothing new as several Android phones have adopted it in recent years. However, would Apple modify the iPhone for such a generic design reminiscent of its competing smartphones?

If you think of the notch, it’s more than a place for sensors. The notch has become the identity of modern iPhones – and now MacBooks, too. When people see a phone or even an illustration with a notch, they usually think of the iPhone – just like with the Home button design in the past.

According to a leaker known as DylanDKT, the iPhone 14 Pro’s front camera will be “pill-shaped,” suggesting that it will be more of an oval than a circle. This, of course, would make the iPhone 14 Pro a bit more different from other smartphones with floating front cameras.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you prefer an iPhone with a pill-shaped front camera, punch hole design, or notch? Let us know in the poll and also in the comments below.

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