With traps and drones, they catch a great white shark that killed a swimmer

With traps and drones, they catch a great white shark that killed a swimmer | University News

Under the helpless gaze of fishermen and golfers who played on courses near the Sydney coast, a great white shark devoured Monday, in front of a swimmer, the first attack of its kind in decades on a beach in this Australian city.

On Thursday, local authorities released a full operation in a bid to catch the giant shark that roams Sydney waters.

In addition to mobilizing drones to monitor the ocean from the air, authorities have set up six traps to try to capture the predator.

Emergency services said police were still on the way to identify the victim, who died of “catastrophic injuries”.

A rescue helicopter and four ambulances were dispatched to the attack, but the man’s life was not saved.

This is the first fatal shark attack in Sydney since 1963.

The goal is to catch the great white shark to send it to the sea

“Based on photographs provided by locals (…) shark biologists believe the culprit may have been a great white shark, At least 9.84 feet (three meters) longThe state ministry of primary industries said.

This department has announced the publication of “six smart traps” which theoretically trap the animal and transport it to the sea. However, its use is controversial because some animals have died before being released.

The attack has shaken residents of Sydney’s east end, where water activities are an integral part of daily life despite the regular presence of whales, rays or sharks.

As many as 13 beaches in the region were closed on Thursday and a sea swimming competition involving 800 participants was postponed.

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