Video: YouTuber streams images from the Google Pixel 6 Pro


The new Google Pixel 6 arrives this fall and the images from the phone’s camera have just been shared in a YouTube video. While not taken by professionals, they do help to showcase the capabilities of the cameras to some extent, even on a pre-production model.

It’s been just over a year since Google released one of the best Google phones, the Google Pixel 5. Now Google is preparing to launch the Google Pixel 6 and although an announcement has already been made, the latest version will be officially presented at a virtual event on October 19.

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YouTube channel This is technology today posted a video (below) in which he shared leaked images and videos from a pre-production model of the Google Pixel 6 Pro. It should be noted that the pictures were not taken by a professional and the camera software is not finalized, but you can still rate the quality of the camera.

The EXIF ​​data of the images confirms that the photos were taken on a Google Pixel 6 Pro with a 12.5 MP sensor. While the shots themselves are somewhat dull, you can clearly see how clear the textures and patterns are, how sharp the corners are, and how much detail is retained, even with an 8x crop.

Whether in bright daylight with a shutter speed of 1/1529 s or indoors at 1/100 s, images stay sharp and small details such as distant text or a dirty window can be visible. seen. Even images taken while walking appear crisp and crisp.

Colors look very true to life, shadows aren’t crushed, and highlights aren’t blown out. When shooting in Portrait mode, attenuation of focus looks natural and areas of focus are sharp.

In terms of video specs, we know that the Google Pixel 6 Pro is capable of recording at 1080p 60p thanks to the EXIF ​​data. The leaked video footage was taken while walking and it doesn’t appear that much was done to minimize camera shake. Stabilization looks fine, but it’s hard to tell without seeing shots where someone is at least trying to pull smoothly.

The contrast seems to change when you switch between ultra-wide and wide modes, and you notice that the sky is twinkling sometimes. These imperfections could, of course, be due to the pre-production nature of the handset.

Official specs have yet to be released, but there have been hints of upcoming phone specs and features for the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. Rumor has it that they will both run on Android 12 IOS, we would expect the standard model’s display to be a 6.4 inch 90Hz AMOLED screen and the Pro to be a 6 inch AMOLED screen, 71 inches at 120 Hz. The Google Pixel could include 8 GB of RAM while the Pro could include 12 GB.

We know the Google Pixel 6 will have two cameras while the Pro will have three, but we don’t know what resolution or focal length they will be. EXIF data from the leaked sample images suggests that the Google Pixel 6 Pro will not include a 50 MP sensor as they say, at f / 1.85, 1/3145 of a second, and 6.81mm. , the sensor resolution is 12.5 MP. Rumors have it that the standard Google Pixel 6’s front camera will have an 8MP camera while the Pro will have a 12MP camera.

We’ll have to wait until the Google event on October 19 to find out the price, official specs, and when they’ll be widely available – but there’s no doubt that this will be Google’s best camera phone yet.

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