Version1 signs Oderus on the VALORANT list before the NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier


Version1 has finally filled the open place on the list of its men VALUING team, ex- signatureCS: GO pro and former Dignitas / Kansas City Pioneers player Chad “Oderus” Miller.

Oderus fills the void left by former Version1 game leader Anthony “vanity” Malaspina after the accomplished IGL left V1 to reunite with his former Chaos EC teammates on Cloud9 Blue VALUING listing. V1 hasn’t played since leaving, last appearing in VCT Stage Three’s Challengers event in late July where they lost four straight series, including one to Oderus and KCP.

In the announcement video, Oderus said it was “a no-brainer” to join Version1 when the Minnesota-based organization made him an offer, citing the list’s skill level and experience. V1 surprised many viewers in Stage Two when they reached Masters Two Reykjavík just months after the roster was built. Although they have reached this point, their less than stellar performance in stage three saw them compete in the last-ditch qualifying alongside seven other outstanding teams.

With less than a week to go before the LCQ, Oderus will have to learn to heed calls from Zellsis, who took over the role of IGL after vanity left. Many fans will be curious to see how his skills mesh with those of wippie since the two have shared a similar agent pool of Viper and Killjoy in their last matches.

Version1 begins its LCQ race on day two of the event, October 13, against none other than vanity and Cloud9 Blue at 2 p.m. CT.

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