Tired of blurry photos? The Google Pixel 6 might be able to help you …


With the Google Pixel 6 series camera phones set to appear at some point this fall, we’re starting to see some interesting details starting to emerge. Apparently, Google Pixel 6 handsets will be able to correct blurry faces captured on the move.

Packed with excellent camera capabilities with relatively affordable price tags, it’s no surprise that the best Google phones are quite popular. We saw some great computer photography features, including an astrophotography timelapse mode. However, being able to fix blurry faces could potentially become one of Google’s most useful camera features to date.

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Google recently shared Pixel 6 demos with The edge and Wired, showcasing Google’s custom processor, Tensor. To soften a face in an image, the Google Pixel 6 will essentially capture a photo from the main sensor with normal exposure, while simultaneously capturing a second image using the ultra-wide lens at a faster shutter speed. . The Tensor chip will then combine the images, taking the colors and details from the longer exposure and the crisp facial features from the shorter exposure.

The Verge says, “The first demo Google showed was a blurry photo of a toddler – the kid was moving because that’s what kids do. A second version of the photo was the same but passed. by Tensor’s TPU, and the child’s face was sharper. ”

This is certainly impressive technology – and undeniably useful for the majority of camera phone users. However, we’ll have to wait and see how well this feature holds up in the field. As The Verge noted, “Awesome picture demos are a dime a dozen these days. Google itself promised to remove chain link fences from photos in 2017, but never delivered … It’s just to be skeptical until we have a chance to test the camera for ourselves. “

With the release of the Google Pixel 6 series at some point this fall, it looks like it won’t be long before critics and consumers alike can test this intriguing new feature for themselves.

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