The Richmond Observer – Elon University, NCDOT to host Elon Drone Day


ELON – In response to the growing popularity of commercial and recreational drone use, the Elon University School of Communications, in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation and others, will organize Elon Drone Day on November 8.

Elon Drone Day will be a one-day program to be held at the Turner Theater and Dwight C. Schar Hall, located in the School of Communications. The program aims to answer questions regarding regulation, safety and overall usage and other trends in the drone industry.

“Elon Drone Day aims to provide a platform to help share knowledge within the drone community on how to fly safely following Federal Aviation Administration guidelines,” said senior lecturer Randy Piland, who has promoted drones and related safety regulations for the past five years. and organize the event. “Elon is a perfect place to openly discuss the use of the drone industry,” he added, noting the university’s journalism and film programs, as well as other disciplines such as the engineering, earth sciences and computer programming. “This event is open to anyone curious about how to consider the use of drones in their professions.”

The program will feature conversations with FAA safety officials, NCDOT aviation executives, drone delivery specialists, video storytellers and other experts. In addition to on-site panels and lectures, there will be exhibits and activities for those in attendance, with a drone demonstration in the afternoon.

Piland said NCDOT has been a great partner in organizing the day’s programming and activities.

“NCDOT is committed to innovating and putting safety first, and the use of drones has dramatically improved our methods of serving the citizens of our state,” said TC Freeman, Aviation Safety Specialist at the Aviation division of the department. “Events and programs like this are a boon to next generation leaders and a great way to help us ensure people use drones in a safe and responsible manner. “

The event is free and open to recreational and commercial pilots, educators, students, and other community members interested in unmanned aircraft systems. Registration is compulsory.

For more information and to register, visit the School of Communications website or contact Randy Piland at This e-mail address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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