The IPFL is a 100% black-owned professional football league

Independent Professional Football League (IPFL)

The majority of professional soccer players, college soccer players, and youth soccer players are black. But the leagues they dominate are all owned and run by figures of an opposite race.

For too long, black children have been used as goggles, to run behind a soccer ball all their lives, with the promise of one day becoming rich and famous. All while earning billions of dollars for the leagues, parks, schools, colleges and owners of the organizations they represent. And they are also told that it is illegal for children to earn money, or that they won’t be eligible to go to college if they get paid when in reality they won’t be eligible to practice university sports. Many HBCU players have never been candidates to turn pro, but they run and play just as hard, for their fair shot, which was never fair or even likely. This same concept is prevalent in little league sports, where parents believe that if they spend enough money, they can buy their children the stardom they are striving for. The truth is that they have already reached a level of stardom, which attracts people to fill parks and stadiums, buy jerseys and memorabilia and line the pockets of everyone associated with their talent, name, likeness and their future… except the players and their families.

The Indie Pro Football League (IPFL), featuring 32 of NFL football’s biggest names, has decided to take over part of the $15 billion-a-year youth sports industry and put money between the hands of the children and the people who make this industry possible. Imagine the impact on the family of an 8-year-old child who, instead of having to pay for uniforms, travel, position and placement, can bring in over $100-500 every game? Not only will he eat better meals, wear better clothes, buy better sneakers, and get better toys and gifts, but his whole family will also benefit. Now imagine that same 8-year-old child also receives an additional $5,000-10,000 per season from the sale of their jerseys and merchandise. Now that same kid is 16 and he’s now earning between $600 and $2,500 a game. He can afford to buy his own car, help his family, and still hopes to receive a substantial trust payment of the portion of his salary, which was placed in an interest-bearing savings vehicle, which he can claim on his 17th birthday. He can pay his own tuition or apply for a scholarship through the IPFL scholarship program, which will eliminate his fear of any form of college ineligibility.

IPFL has also created programs to help players progress in the areas of financial literacy, moral values ​​and personal character, to create not only great athletes, but also great people. The majority of professional soccer players, college soccer players, and youth soccer players are black. But the leagues they dominate are all owned and run by figures of an opposite race. To date, there has never been a black-owned football team, and the current “owners” are only minority owners. Just like saying your money is good enough to sit in the room, but not good enough to have a voice.

The IPFL is a division of the Association of Independent Sports (AIS), which is also 100% black owned. The AIS has developed several Indie Pro Sports divisions, designed with the same structure as the IPFL, providing athletes with an alternative platform to earn a salary to compete on multiple sports platforms, such as: Indie Pro Basketball, Indie Pro Soccer, Indie Pro Baseball, Indie Pro Volleyball, Indie Pro Tennis, Indie Pro Golf, Indie Pro Gymnastics, Indie Pro Lacrosse, Indie Pro Billiards, Indie Pro Track & Field, Indie Pro Swimming. etc

IPFL’s vision is to impact communities in a way that will not only drive economic development in low-income areas, but also reduce crime rates across the country by improving the lifestyles of children, youth, adolescents and adults. By creating new jobs for athletes and coaching staff, who are normally volunteers, they will earn higher salaries than what is normally available in restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, etc. This alone will change the course of many people’s lives, who will end up in jail for selling drugs, stealing, killing, robbing or ganging up on the streets.

The Indie Pro Football League is a private professional football organization with no affiliation to any other organizations or programs. The league is in place to create a new environment that works with a focus on more than “The Game”. A key element of the IPFL and all independent professional sports is the safety, health and welfare of players. The IPFL will provide medical and mental health provisions to assist players in their personal struggles before, during and after their association with the organization. The IPFL will also provide medical and life insurance to all players, including the Kids divisions. The IPFL will also provide travel and accommodation for all away matches, as well as travel for one (1) parent to accompany their child.

Many celebrities and public figures have spoken out against inequality and racial domination in sport. Many organizations and companies all claim to support such a change, but there has been no change. As a whole, society collectively agrees that there needs to be a change in the world of sports and entertainment. Thus, the Association of Independent Sports (AIS) presents Indie Pro Football, a new football league, to initiate change. BECOME A PRO INDIAN.

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