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Modern smartphones make it easy to take good quality images under virtually any condition. Auto modes take the guesswork out of selecting settings, allowing us to take pictures we can be proud of more often. That said, those fashions that oscillate for consistency might not give us truly memorable and “perfect” photos. Equipment that requires a human touch can produce gruesome photos without the proper knowledge, but real shots when handled correctly.

It got us thinking: do you prefer to take good photos consistently or great photos inconsistently? We asked the question in a recent poll. Read on for the results!

Do you always prefer to take good photos or great photos inconsistently?


This poll has garnered just over 1,100 votes since it was published on October 7. There is also an extremely popular option. With 75.8% of the votes, respondents choose to take “good photos consistently” rather than “good photos inconsistently”.

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Interestingly, some believe that with editing, good shots can look great. Of course, if a camera consistently takes solid images, it’s more likely to capture that fleeting moment well. Others, however, feel that jagged shots may not be a problem when faced with still subjects, still scenes, and enough time to capture multiple shots.

Your comments

  • Jeff Campbell: Well, that’s the advantage of having auto mode and pro mode like the Samsung camera app. Especially on flagship phones, the camera and auto will take great photos respectively although maybe not perfect, but if you really need to compose something and have time to wait like a real photographer, you can use pro mode where you can all go to your settings.
  • Brett: I prefer to always have good photos. I edit all the photos I plan to use anyway. Editing can take a good photo and make it look great.
  • DBS: Large inconsistent plans. For a very simple reason: I can take multiple shots of the same scene. So if a shot doesn’t come out right the first time, I can do it again. A phone that takes consistent but just average photos can be good for people who want fast food photos (i.e. iPhone users), but for me it doesn’t work.
  • Evie: Inconsistently brilliant. Always good and it’s just the machine doing what the machine does. Sometimes great and I can convince myself that I am a great photographer when I try!
  • roaduardo: This is an area where iPhones are great. Always good photos.

Thank you for your votes and comments on this poll. If you have any other thoughts on how the smartphone’s camera performs, or if good performance outweighs inconsistently, be sure to leave a comment below.

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