Sub-decree on the management of drones in progress

Interior Minister Sar Kheng on Oct. 6 instructed relevant task forces and units to continue cooperating to study, research and revise the draft drone management sub-decree.

He made the remarks during a meeting on the draft UAV Management Sub-Executive, attended by Secretaries of State, Under Secretaries of State, Directors General, Deputy Directors General and heads of various units and other relevant officials.

“We held this meeting to review and discuss the preparation work of the draft sub-decree on drone management to be a legal decree serving drone management in Cambodia,” he said. .

State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Bun Honn, who also heads the working group on the draft sub-decree, said that over the past decade the use of drones has greatly increased in the Kingdom.

He added that the use of drones is also growing rapidly in many other countries around the world and in the region for many legitimate purposes such as commerce, transport services, agriculture, arts, entertainment, search, science and rescue work.

“In addition, drones have many other advantages, such as saving the lives of people and animals in the event of fire or other natural phenomena. Although drones are very important, they can also be used for terrorism or other crimes,” he said.

He pointed out that drones could potentially be used to commit acts of terrorism or other crimes, such as planting explosives or spy equipment, which would jeopardize national security and public order. Therefore, in order to guarantee the proper use of drones and to ensure that they benefit society, it is necessary to have laws and standards for the management of drones.

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