Sound like a pro with Joby’s wireless mic for your phone

The name Joby may not be familiar to you, but you’re probably familiar with its most famous product, the GorillaPod. The versatile camera/smartphone tripod is a must-have for many people who love taking photos and videos, but the company’s new products are different. Joby launched a new range of microphones as Wavo — Wavo Air, Wavo Pro, Wavo Lav Pro and Wavo Pod.

The Joby Wavo Air wireless microphone system.

We’re most interested in the Wavo Air, a $250 wireless microphone system for smartphones and cameras. Wireless microphones make life easier for anyone who wants to record sound for video while on the move, or just not be tethered to anything while seated. However, wireless mics are often very expensive, difficult to set up and use, don’t always work with mobile devices, and some even require a license. Joby’s Wavo Air removes those obstacles so you can focus on shooting video and what you’re going to say.

The Joby Wavo Pro shotgun microphone.
The Joby Wavo Pro shotgun microphone.

The complete kit includes a main receiver, two transmitters (so you can use it for interviews), two lavalier microphones that plug into each transmitter, and TRS and TRRS cables to connect the receiver to a smartphone or a camera. The system operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency, so the mics don’t need a license, and Joby expects the range to be around 164 feet or 50 meters. The box also contains various mounts for the transmitters, including a lanyard with a magnetic disc, two dead cat silencers for the transmitters, and a cold shoe for a camera.

The Joby Wavo Pod microphone.
The Joby Wavo Pod microphone.

The Wavo Air is one of four new Wavo products from Joby. The cheapest new product is the $80 Wavo Lav Pro, a lavalier microphone with a 2.5-meter cable leading to a 3.5mm TRS jack ready to plug into a phone or camera. At the opposite end of the lineup is the Wavo Pro, a $300 shotgun microphone with an active noise reduction (ANR) system and an app to monitor sound in real time. It is designed for cameras.

Finally, there’s the $100 Wavo Pod, a USB condenser microphone for podcasters and streamers. It features a USB Type-C connection, can record in both cardioid and omnidirectional patterns at 24-bit/48kHz, and has a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio monitoring. Like the Wavo Pro and Wavo Air, the Wavo Pod works with the GorillaPod Tripod for flexible mounting and stability. The Wavo Pro also works with Joby’s Beamo lighting range.

All new products are available at Joby’s website today.

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