Skydio secures new tech partner to speed up drone asset inspections

Skydio’s autonomous drones, combined with the company’s high-performance Skydio 3D Scan software, can perform complex asset inspections with robotic precision, without any human intervention. And now, to enhance that inspection process even further, Skydio is partnering with Texas-based visual data management and AI analytics platform Optelos.

Understanding the fundamental need to combine fast and efficient drone data with equally fast and efficient data analysis, the Skydio-Optelos partnership seeks to provide an end-to-end asset inspection solution. The companies are not only talking about managing a wide range of drone visual data, but also performing AI-powered analysis on the collected images to quickly identify flaws and issue corresponding tickets to the platform. -form of customer’s choice.

Collectively, companies would also be able to perform other asset management tasks more quickly, such as the ability to take precise measurements on the telecommunications tower below:

Skydio CEO Adam Bry names process manufacturers, energy companies and wireless operators who use drones as part of their asset inspection programs as the primary beneficiaries of this technology partnership.

Meanwhile, Optelos CEO David Tran explains that the idea is to optimize drone inspections and provide stakeholders with an exponentially higher return on investment compared to conventional asset inspection methods. . Here is Tran:

This integration will bring significant benefits to companies looking to further automate their asset inspection processes while extracting maximum value from the data collected by drones. The ability to automatically ingest data collected by Skydio drones into the Optelos platform and immediately act on that data to resolve inspection issues is of tremendous value to our customers.

To facilitate user access, Optelos has integrated its platform into the Skydio Cloud. So if you already sync your drone data with Skydio’s cloud infrastructure, you can now also import it into the Optelos platform for immediate analysis and action.

As Skydio explains:

Once inspection teams combine Skydio’s autonomous capture capabilities enabled by Skydio 3D Scan with Optelos’ vision AI and automated dispatch capability, they will be able to automate the collection process, end-to-end data analysis and correction, which will bring great value by reducing time. and resources dedicated to the solution.

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