Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone design confirmed by insider


Take a look at the Galaxy S22 in a spooky Halloween theme and learn more about the expected features, camera, price, and release date.

Last month, LetsGoDigital and Super Roader unveiled the design of Samsung’s next high-end model. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an S Pen compartment and a waterdrop camera design. The 2022 S-series model lineup will of course not just consist of an Ultra model. A base model is also expected, in the form of a Galaxy S22 as well as a Galaxy S22 Plus. Now that the Ultra’s design is known, many are wondering what the camera of the other two models will look like.

Normally, Samsung chooses to provide the newer S-series models with a similar camera design. For example, the Galaxy S21 series features a metal camera design that optically continues to the side and top of the phone. Although the number of cameras varies by model, all three S21 models have a similar camera design.

Samsung S22 camera design

So the question arises; Will the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus also be equipped with a water drop camera system, just like the Ultra model? We can now answer this question with certainty with “No”. The Galaxy S22 and S22 + will have an almost identical design to their predecessor.

This is clear from the new information we have received from Super Roader, a former South Korean Samsung employee. Unfortunately, in order to protect the source, we cannot disclose the type of information we have received, nor publish it directly. Nevertheless, we were able to establish that the S22 (Plus) will have a very different design than the S22 Ultra.

Using the information we got, Italian digital artist Giuseppe Spinelli aka Snoreyn created a series of product renderings of the expected Samsung Galaxy S22 5G. The Plus model will have a similar design to the base model, apart from the size.

The images are made in the spirit of Halloween. Including a hollowed-out pumpkin, from which a spooky face was carved – also called Jack O’Lantern, based on an Irish folk tale.

Galaxy s22

Last week Ice universe tweeted that the Galaxy S22 will have a flat front and back. This is also made visible in the images of Snoreyn’s products. The edges aren’t as flat as with the iPhone 13 – as that would come at the expense of the grip.

In addition, there is a minimalist difference from the S21 series. The metal camera island that optically continues on the side of the device will have a less round finish on the 2022 models.

It is remarkable that Samsung keeps the camera design of the S22 (Plus) largely the same as that of the S21 (Plus). In previous years, the design has been constantly revised. Costs can play a role here. After all, Samsung has had much worse sales results with the S21 series than in previous years.

Either way, it’s clear that Samsung will make a greater differentiation between the two base models and the top-of-the-line model this time around – the Ultra model will have a lot more similarities to the Galaxy Note line. This applies to both functions and design.

Below you can watch the South Korean SuperRoader’s YouTube video in which he discusses the design of the Galaxy S22. You can enable translation via the settings icon.

Galaxy S22 gets 6.06-inch screen

The Samsung S22 is expected to be equipped with a 6.06-inch Full HD + flat screen. This means that the dimensions will be slightly smaller than before. For comparison, the S21 has a 6.2-inch screen. The Plus model will also decrease in size, most likely it will be equipped with a 6.55 inch screen instead of 6.7 inch.

The 19.5: 9 screen ratio remains intact. The resolution also remains the same, so does the 120Hz refresh rate. eyeglasses will be further reduced, resulting in a larger screen-to-body ratio. The bezel is also symmetrical which will undoubtedly contribute to an extra stylish look.

No information is known on the brightness of the screen at this time. However, Ice universe reported last week via Twitter that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the brightest display Samsung has ever applied. The screen brightness of the other two S-series models can also be improved. The current S21 Ultra has a peak brightness of 1,500 nits – it’s Samsung’s brightest display yet. The S21 has a peak brightness of 1300 nits.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Android 12

50MP triple camera and Android 12 operating system

As for the camera setup, Samsung is expected to remain the same 10MP front camera. The rear will contain a triple camera, the configuration will be changed. Most likely, the new Samsung ISOCell GN5 will be used for both the S22 and S22 +. It is a 50 megapixel image sensor with large 1.0 µm pixels and improved autofocus performance.

The 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera will most likely be retained. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to be equipped with a new telephoto camera. This is probably the same 3x optical zoom camera that is also found in the S21 Ultra. This is a 10MP image sensor.

Although this image sensor has a lower resolution than the 64MP zoom camera used in the S21, the new lens will deliver improved zoom performance. The current model offers a 3x hybrid zoom. The renewed zoom camera will support 3x optical zoom – without any loss in image quality.

The new Galaxy S series smartphones will run on the Android 12 operating system in combination with One UI 4. The chipset will also be renewed. European models will most likely be powered by the Samsung Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 will be used in many other parts of the world. Both chips will offer 5G support.

It is in line with expectations that more memory variants will be released. After all, the Galaxy S22 models will not offer support for microSD memory cards – unfortunately this was also the case with the S21 series. Presumably, the base variant will again be equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage memory.

Samsung Galaxy S22 battery

Battery charging

As for the battery capacity, the Samsung S22 5G would be equipped with a 3,700 mAh battery. That’s smaller than the 4000mAh battery found in the S21. However, the screen will also be slightly smaller and the new chipset will undoubtedly be very energy efficient. Perhaps this will result in battery life comparable to that of its predecessor.

The charge will unfortunately not go faster, the S22 will again support a load of 25W. Incomprehensible! Especially since it has been known for some time that a Samsung 65W charger is in preparation. Additionally, Samsung has already released phones with 45W support in 2019, like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

S22 + and S22 Ultra users may be luckier. These phones would be compatible with a 45W charger. However, this is not entirely certain yet, as all three S-series models were recently certified in China with a 25W charger.

No matter how quickly the device can be charged, a charger will not be included as standard. The company has already started this trend when it launched the Galaxy S21. You can decide to continue using your old (slow) charger or buy a new one as an optional accessory.

Unboxed 2022

Samsung S 2022 series

Last month, South Korean news outlet The Elec published an article indicating that Samsung wants to bet more on the base model this time around. Samsung wants to achieve 50-60% of total sales of the S22 series with the base model. The Plus model is expected to cover around 20% of sales figures and the Ultra model around 20% to 30%.

Normally, the lenses of basic and older models are not so far apart. This is the first time that Samsung has deliberately selected a model from the series to produce additional quantities, according to The Elec. For comparison, with the S21 series, the base model was around 40% and the other two models approx. 30%.

Samsung would initially like to produce around 20 million copies of the Galaxy S22 series. It’s pretty conservative. At the time of the S21 series, 26 million copies were initially produced, which was increased to 30 million copies at the time of launch.

Samsung has not only revised sales expectations for the new S-series smartphones. The company has also adjusted targets and expectations for other phone models, due to the persistent chip shortages caused during the corona pandemic. .

Yesterday, Roland Quandt announced that Samsung has now started to increase mass production of parts for all Galaxy S22 models. Now that production has started, the question remains; When is the S22 series planned?


When can you buy the Galaxy S22?

Much has already been said and written about the expected release date of the new S-series smartphones. Samsung opted for an introduction in January this year, a month earlier than in previous years. For a long time, it was assumed that the S22 would also arrive in January.

However, it is quite possible that Samsung will delay the release until early / mid-February. In fact, another new S-series device is on the way; the highly anticipated Galaxy S21 FE. This mobile phone is expected to launch on January 11, 2022, so it is likely that Samsung will announce the S22 series a few weeks later. Samsung will of course set up a big Galaxy Unpacked event to unveil the new models.

According to Super Roader, Samsung has yet to determine the final introduction date for the Galaxy S22 series. Last week Ice universe also announced that the release date has yet to be determined. According to Ice, Samsung plans to schedule the Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event in the last week of January. The devices will then logically be available from February.

The Samsung S22 is known to debut in at least four colors: black, white, green, and rose gold. We are still in the dark regarding the suggested retail price. The Samsung Galaxy S21 (8GB / 128GB) went on sale for a starting price of € 850. It was 150 € cheaper than its predecessor at the time of launch. However, many concessions have been made to achieve this.

The new model will have many similarities to the S21, although the screen and battery will be slightly smaller. Presumably this will result in a comparable selling price – at least we don’t expect the price to go up. In the coming weeks, there will undoubtedly be more information on the release date, price, and other new features.

Samsung Galaxy S22 unboxed 2022

Note to editors: The renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S22 product featured in this article are created by Italian digital artist Giuseppe Spinelli (aka Snoreyn). 3D renderings are based on rumors (not made by fans) and are intended for illustration purposes only. This product is not (yet) for sale. You can use the copyrighted images for your own website, YouTube and / or social media channels, please be so respectful to include a clickable source link in your post.

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