Rob Riggle accuses his ex-wife of spying on him with a hidden camera


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Actor and comedian Rob riggle accuses his ex-wife, Tiffany Riggle, spy on him with a hidden camera, take $ 28,000 from his home office and hack his Apple account.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, the actor said following Tiffany’s divorce filing in October last year, he stayed in their tiny home, while Tiffany stayed with their two children in their large family home.

Meanwhile, according to Riggle, $ 28,000 in emergency money has gone missing from his home office. When he confronted his ex-wife, who had access to his living quarters, she denied knowing anything about the money‘s disappearance.

Riggle then alleged that Tiffany hacked her Apple account, downloading her emails, texts, contacts and photos.

The actor added that he became suspicious of being watched after his ex-wife somehow became aware of the private conversations he had had in his home office. He alleged that she and other anonymous sources were texting or emailing him referring to conversations he had with his girlfriend or assistant in his office.

As a result, Riggle said he and his girlfriend planted false information to see if it would be disclosed later. After that, he had his house scanned for devices in April and a spy camera was reportedly found hidden in one of his smoke detectors.

He said the camera had a memory card with more than 10,000 videos in it, which led him to believe the camera was installed in August 2020 and has probably watched it since.

One of the videos, according to Riggle, showed Tiffany standing on a ladder to set up the camera. He claimed that another clip showed her sitting on the floor of his home office and counting money, which he believes was the $ 28,000 that went missing.

Riggle got a temporary injunction against his ex. A hearing has been set for July regarding his request to have the hidden camera footage analyzed by a forensic expert.

Tiffany filed for divorce from Riggle, a Saturday Night Live alum best known for his roles in comedies like Half brothers and 21, rue du saut, in October 2020 after 21 years of marriage.

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