Reviews on Nothing Phone 1: A killer iPhone is born?

“It’s time to bring the fun back to the smartphone industry.” So told us a few weeks ago Carl Pei, CEO of trendy British tech company Nothing. How does he plan to do it? With the all-new Phone 1, a device that looks (at least at first glance) like an iPhone imitator, but comes with some clever tricks up its sleeve. This all sent many techs into a frenzy, with over $10,000 invested in the handset early on before even a whiff of specs, price or design information.

This is impressive, but it remains to be seen if this faith is well placed. Crafting a phone that can stand out from all the other attractive phones made by a shrinking number of companies is a notoriously difficult challenge. Just think of Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony and all the old giants who struggled to do the same with even greater resources – even Google’s Pixel isn’t a family brand despite having been around for a while. good part of the decade. So can nothing do what seems impossible? We actually got our hands on Phone 1 to see if there’s any substance to go with its considerable style.

Nothing Phone 1 price and release date

While the rear of the phone with its pulsating glyph (more on that later) is certainly eye-catching, it was the price of the Phone 1 that blew us away. Departure just £399 you’ll get an Android-powered smartphone with a 120Hz refresh rate display, a dual-lens camera setup, and enough storage to keep the average app owner going.

It’s almost half the price of the iPhone 13 and significantly cheaper than other smartphones with similar features like the Samsung Galaxy S21. Perhaps most impressive for a tech start-up, Phone 1 will be available on most UK networks on July 21, from Three and EEat Vodafone and O2. Talk about shooting your shot…

Nothing Phone 1 design and glyph

Although it looks distinct from its back, Nothing hasn’t completely eschewed smartphone design orthodoxy, so the Phone 1 looks and feels largely the same as the latest series of iPhone and Galaxy S handsets. Flat edges, an expansive OLED display and a camera cutout create a familiar silhouette.

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