Report: Apple cuts production of iPhone 14 Plus

Apple iPhones are now getting too monotonous, no major changes in physical design in 5 years. The dynamic island does not attract 🙄🙄. They should bring back the mini series with a 5.8″ screen.


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Karma for killing the iPhone Mini. Not everyone wanted a bulky phone. I’m an iPhone user BTW


In our country, 14 plus costs about 120 USD more than standard 14. Upgrading to 14 pro and pro max is an additional less than or equal to $100 per level. 13 pro max is the same price as 14 plus.
Weird. Explain why…


Gray Wolf, 36 minutes agoNobody wants to pay 700 EUR for a 5.4″ phone. It’s good for nothing. Not good for movies… moreDo you really think people want a compact phone for gaming and gaming? Like for real?

I want a compact phone to fit in my pocket and be a communication device in terms of its primary use. Also for me being like 4 inches enough to control the phone with one hand is simple. Also a long time ago I had a 3.2 inch screen for Galaxy Gio and I didn’t miss a thing. The next phone for me was the 4-inch screen Lumia 520 as I wanted to go back to the Nokia brand. And then a 5-inch screen for Lumia 830, because I wanted a bigger screen and because I also wanted the phone to be smaller, because by then phones were already starting to get really big.

The problem would be more that people don’t want to spend more than 700 euros for a compact phone because it doesn’t make sense for your use of the phone. If I don’t play games and spend a lot of time behind a screen, what would be the point of having the best hardware on the market in the phone? The average range of about 300,000 to 400,000 points in Antutu can last 5 years


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S22+ and 5iv are better than this crap.


Anonymous, 1 hour agoBack to making a mini phone? No. Ditch the PRO moniker. Make 3 sizes. 5.4 / 6.1 / 6.7 Do… moreNobody wants to pay 700 EUR for a 5.4″ phone. It’s good for nothing. Not good for movies or videos, not good for mobile games, not good for battery life. big, it’s just a 700 EUR phone for calls and messages.You have the iPhone SE series for that, at almost half the price of the Mini series.
The same case scenario with the Plus. No one wants to pay 1200EUR for a phone (which has 60Hz, not all Pro Max cameras and worse materials). Basically, it’s just an iPhone at the Pro Max price, but with vanilla iPhone features.

This is why the Mini and Plus series failed.


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1 hour ago“Apple thought they could get away with anything.” Lol, when Apple sticks to more o… moreYour tireless defense of Apple is boring. The iPhone 14 Plus is a bad deal, and that’s why people don’t want to buy it. Apple is content to copy the S22+ except that the S22+ does not use a 60 Hz screen and old SoCs. Additionally, the S22+ has a 3x optical zoom.


Too bad for the plus model being a better version than mini🤣🤣


Gray wolf, 1 hour agoLol. It was sort of planned. Apple thought it could get away with anything. Maybe in the past… more“Apple thought they could get away with anything.”

Lol, when Apple sticks to the same thing, everyone complains about not “innovating”, but when they try something different, you all complain again about wanting to do everything. They tried a larger phone that isn’t Pro Max. If it doesn’t work, it won’t work. Companies are constantly trying new things, not just Apple. Some stick, some don’t. Remember popup and flip cameras? No one uses it even though we still don’t have good under-display selfie cameras. How come? Apple completely ignored this, many jumped on the bandwagon and did it and now they’ve all gone back to the classic design. See?


Lol. It was sort of planned. Apple thought it could get away with anything. Maybe in the past they could, but in these difficult times, not so much.
After the poor sales of the Mini series, it seems that the Plus is on the same road.
Perhaps this will teach Apple not to try to sell anything at any price. But, their nerf is pretty high, so I doubt they’ll stop there. And they will probably continue to sell overpriced products.


Back to making a mini phone? No.

Ditch the PRO moniker.

Make 3 sizes. 5.4 / 6.1 / 6.7

Don’t limit storage/CPU/display. Keep the huge camera module maxed out, the small focus on more battery.

The SE refreshes 3 years, and remains as the standard version.


notafanboy, 2 hours ago“The 14 Plus is the most useless iPhone this year along with the 14 too.” I think the… morethe iPhone 14 has no value other than Apple can claim a lower starting price for the 14 series. There is so little difference to the 13 that the discounted 13 is clearly the better choice.


Because nothing has changed aesthetically since the iPhone X apart from soc.


Just in case Apple uses the same screen as the iPhone Pro series, I believe the iPhone Plus will be successful in sales.

If the standard iPhone 14s were priced $100 lower ($14 at $699 and 14 Plus at $799), like the price of the 13 mini and 13 respectively, I think they probably could have been a bit more successful. But because they are priced so close to the Pros which not only have a new chip but also the new island, people just buy the Pro and the Pro Max instead.

Given that the 15 series is likely to introduce the island and chip to standard phones, it’s likely that demand for the 15 and 15 Plus next year is likely to be a bit higher than the 14 – but if they keep the prices the same again then demand will be impacted again and people will go for the 15 Pro because again this will have the new A17 chip and probably other new features.

(The 15 Ultra will likely cost $1200, so fewer people will flock to this compared to the 14 Pro Max unless they make some massive changes to make it “Ultra”.)


It’s almost like when you offer last year’s chipset and 60hz display and meh cameras for 900 bucks or more people won’t be interested and spend more on a pro model, vanilla 14 or one of the 13, or a completely different phone all together/don’t even buy one.

At least it’s clear that 14 Plus is doing its job to make the Pro models look like a more attractive option.


Does this mean that 14 Plus sells less than 13 Mini in the same period last year?


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Maybe if they hadn’t had 3 other models that stand out more they would have sold more
The base 14 has the right size just like the pro but with better specs then we have the pro max with the large size
What the most has? Nothing. Why did they think it would be a better idea than the mini?


Haha 😂
Apple technically played on Iphone 14plus. No one would want to pay as ridiculously as $900 on the big screen with lesser specs when their older siblings are just a few bucks away.


Anonymous, 2 hours agoI think the iPhone mini should continue. There is a lack of high-end mini phones on the market. And I g… moreThere was a demand for Mini, a weak real demand but which existed: 14 Plus even if I doubt there was a demand at all…
I think Apple should redo a Mini, go from 5.4″ to 5.6″ to ensure a better screen (put at least 90Hz in all c’mon Apple models) while keeping a smaller size, better battery, etc

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