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Forest management mainly uses conventional methods that have not changed for decades, including manual measurement of individual trees. It takes time and is infeasible for large forests, he says.

“We want to help the field transition to data-driven, AI-powered precision forest management,” Fei said of the initiative, which is part of Purdue’s Next Moves. “We also plan to become a leader in education programs that prepare the next generation workforce for the information age.”

To achieve this goal, Fei brings together experts from various disciplines, including forestry, entomology, ecology, engineering, geomatics, aviation technology, remote sensing, machine learning, analysis and visualization. data, robotics, IoT and geospatial information retrieval.

The multidisciplinary collaborations fostered by the initiative will be the key to success, says Ayman Habib, Thomas A. Page civil engineering professor and head of the digital photogrammetry research group at Purdue.

“The ability to bring together world-class engineering and agricultural researchers is a unique strength at Purdue and it is very powerful,” said Habib. “With these different perspectives, we can solve problems better and faster.”

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