PTC Newberry Campus among rotating showcase sites


Brian Hare’s photographs are on display in the lobby of the PTC Newberry campus.

Courtesy of PTC

NEWBERRY – The Newberry campus of Piedmont Technical College is not just a stop on the career path of students. Now it’s also a stop on the Newberry Made Art Showcase tour, where local businesses and municipal venues hold regular exhibitions on a monthly rotation. And one of the artists featured in the showcase happens to be a humble campus PTC maintenance technician named Brian Hare.

“Brian is actually the first artist featured here, but we will be presenting work by local artists on a cycle basis,” said Beth Jaeger, campus director of PTC Newberry. “Art is not for sale. It’s just to showcase and educate the local population and possibly generate interest in the arts. I think this is a wonderful initiative and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Hare’s medium is photography. Newberry artist Robert Matheson persuaded him to exhibit his work. Matheson and his wife, Amy, led the tour.

“I am not yet strong at wanting to show my things. I had to be convinced, ”Hare said. “It was Robert who encouraged me to get back to photography. I have experimented with infrared photography. One side of my screen is images taken in infrared. The other side is mostly local stuff shot traditionally. Almost everything I have shot so far has been in Newberry.

Infrared photography captures images over the light spectrum beyond the ability of the naked eye to see. Photographers can create infrared images using special infrared film or infrared filters used in film or digital cameras. The results add a new dimension to typical photos and are often described as ethereal or otherworldly.

Hare’s work will be on display on the PTC Newberry campus until the end of September, after which it will be moved to another location and, in turn, another artist’s work will be on display on campus for a month.

Jaeger wanted to share a side story on Hare’s display.

“The ends of the shelves were Brian’s grandfather’s tomato stakes that he used in his garden and the actual shelves were from his grandfather’s barn,” she said. “Brian reused them to showcase his great work. I love that he included something that was so much of his family.

For more information on Hare’s work, visit For more information on the Newberry Made storefront, visit

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