Peak Design Launches Complete ‘Ecosystem’ Of Accessories For Your Camera Phone


Peak Design, a company renowned for producing some of the best camera bags, has launched a new line of camera cases, mounts and accessories. Peak Design’s “Mobile” is the result of the company’s 10th Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and is based on technology Peak Design calls SlimLink. This hybrid magnetic / mechanical fastening system has been designed to be both ultra-thin and ultra-strong, while also being easy and quick to use.

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The system is designed around the Peak Design Daily Holster. This slim phone case is made of nylon canvas and surrounded by a 360 degree shock absorbing TPU bumper. The case is available for iPhone 11, 12 and 13 models, as well as the Galaxy S21, and is compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. If you’re using a different phone, Peak Design also offers a Universal Adhesive-Backed Adapter designed to work with almost any hard or non-textured third-party phone case.

Peak Design Mobile Tripod

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But it’s the compatible accessories that really bring the Mobile system to life. Racks for cars, bikes, motorcycles, home / office, two mobile wallets and accessories for photographers and filmmakers are available, with each accessory developed by a team of engineers over the past 3 years. Many of these accessories also work directly with MagSafe phones and third-party cases. All accessories are made from premium materials, guaranteed for life and 100% carbon neutral.

The mobile ecosystem

Once you have an Everyday Case, Everyday Loop Case, or Universal Adapter, you can then attach your phone to one of the following Mobile Compatible Accessories.

Mobile tripod ($ 79.95)

Precision-machined tripod for your phone, the mobile tripod provides your phone with a stable base for creating photos / videos and video calling. With a footprint barely bigger than a credit card, it fits easily in your pocket.

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Creator kit ($ 49.95)

The Peak Design Creator kit contains a locking phone mount and a set of adapters that allow you to connect it to 4 other mounting / connection systems: Arca tripod heads, GoPro mounts, 1/4 “-20 mounts and the clip Peak Design Capture Camera Kit.

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(Image credit: Peak DEDesign)

Wireless charging stand ($ 79.95)

The wireless charging stand is made from precision-machined anodized aluminum and adjusts with a friction hinge set to find your optimal viewing angle. Strong magnets keep your phone secure while being easily accessible.

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Wall bracket ($ 24.95)

Instantly and securely mount your phone to any wall, mirror, tile or flat surface. Use it to help you read recipes in the kitchen, podcasts in the bathroom, or video calls in the workshop.

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Slim wallet ($ 49.95)

The Slim Wallet and Stand Wallet use a unique pattern and fabric construction to securely hold 7 cards and deploy them on demand for easy access. Precision-tuned magnets keep the wallet securely attached to your phone for easy daily transport.

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Support wallet ($ 59.95)

The stand wallet has an additional low profile friction hinge built into its construction, providing on-demand stand for watching videos or calling friends.

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Car holder ($ 44.95)

Ultra-strong magnets keep your phone secure even during the most spirited drive, while the mount itself attaches to the dashboard via a secure adhesive. The bracket itself is constructed from machined aluminum.

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Car holder with wireless charging ($ 79.95)

The standard car holder, but with an additional USB-C connection to wirelessly charge your phone.

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Outdoor bike rack ($ 69.95)

This mount uses both magnets and a mechanical lock to rigidly secure your phone to the handlebars of your bike.

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Universal bar holder ($ 49.95)

Designed for a wide variety of mounting configurations, the Universal Bar Mount holds your phone securely on the handlebars, stem, or frame of any bike, scooter, stroller, motorcycle, or golf cart.

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Motorcycle Bar Holder ($ 99.95)

A versatile motorcycle phone mount that mounts securely to a wide variety of handlebars with an articulated arm that adjusts for the optimum viewing angle.

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Motorcycle Stem Bracket ($ 99.95)

Keep your phone rigidly mounted and easily visible via the low profile motorcycle stem mount, optimized for sport and street bikes with clip style handlebars.

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Peak Design Everyday Cases and Mobile Accessories are available for pre-order now at Adorama in the United States, and by Wex Photo Video UK.

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