PaszaBiceps, Beloved Ex-CS:GO Pro, Wins Pro MMA Match

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) superstar Jarosław “paszaBiceps” Jarząbkowski won his first professional mixed martial arts match on Saturday. He defeated his opponent Michał “OWCA WK” Owczarzak in the main event of High League 2a unique Polish sports entertainment show.

paszaBiceps wins his first professional MMA match

PaszaBiceps is one of the most beloved players in CS:GO history. He made a name for himself with a Virtus.Pro team that contested titles from 2013 to 2018, playing under the Virtus.Pro banner for most of his career. In the five years he played for the organization, he was able to win the ESL Major Series One Katowice in 2014, ELEAGUE Season 1 and the ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational. PaszaBiceps has always been known as a positive force in the CS:GO community, doing several charity streams with companies like Nvidia for great causes. After retiring in 2020, he joined Team Liquid as a streamer.

On Saturday, paszaBiceps made his MMA debut against Michał “OWCA WK” Owczarzak and won in two sets with a knock out. A hard right against the octagon definitely takes the opponent away from paszaBiceps. He appeared at the official weigh-in for the fight with a fake CS:GO tattoo on his chest, a tribute to his past as an esports professional.

Members of the CS:GO community shared their joy at paszaBiceps’ victory on Twitter. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo was the first to congratulate “Papito” on his transition from esports pro to MMA fighter.


Many members of the community have replaced their profile pictures on Twitter with a photo of paszaBiceps during his weigh-in. This includes the official CS:GO Twitter Account. Fans are even requesting a custom in-game Graffiti spray to celebrate the historic win.

Many fans captured the winning moments of the fight on their TVs. Although the event was a pay-per-view, fans on Twitter were eager to piece together the events from multiple screenshots.

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