Parental pressure calls into question the lack of funding for FUHSD clubs



Joe naman

Village news reporter

During the public comment portion of the Fallbrook Union High School District board meeting on September 27, Fallbrook High School parent Sherry Weishaar addressed the school district’s decision to eliminate school club funding .

“From my kid’s perspective, the school said, ‘Here’s a club you can join. It doesn’t matter,†Weishaar said.

Weishaar has two sons at Fallbrook High School: one is in his last year and the other is in the first year. The elder is in the Yearbook Club and the parents are trying to fundraise to buy digital cameras so Yearbook Club members don’t have to share cameras. Directory Advisor Heather Smith sent an email noting the need for funds.

“She was trying to get cameras so that they could publish a good quality directory,†Weishaar said. “She ended up making enough money to buy the cameras she needed for the class.”

Weishaar’s other son will have more challenges with his debut at the Fallbrook High School club. “They had a big rush at the club,†Weishaar said.

Her son joined the electronic games club. “It was really coming back to the social part of the school,†Weishaar said. “In fact, he came home with a smile on his face for the first time in a year and a half.”

The club had met from Monday to Thursday before September 20, which was a Monday. “The professor told him he couldn’t have the club anymore,†Weishaar said.

Weishaar’s son learned that the club’s funding had been withdrawn. “My son was told the club didn’t have any money,” Weishaar said.

The teacher informed the Weishaar family that funding was being sought. “He said he was working on it and maybe we could start soon,†Weishaar said. “The teacher said to my son, ‘I’m trying to work on it.’”

The June 14 FUHSD board meeting discussed which board members receive compensation for attending board meetings, and the July 12 meeting approved a salary of $ 240 for the month if a board member attends all meetings this month or has an excused absence. The July 12 meeting also included comments from band parents requesting additional instruments to meet student demand. While no action can be taken on public comments for items not on the board’s agenda, the board may take action at a subsequent meeting. “The board has had a few,†Weishaar said.


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