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Amritsar, May 9

The Border Security Force (BSF) shot down a Pakistani drone, carrying nine packages containing 10,670 kg of suspected heroin, along the international border in the Amritsar area late at night. The BSF lodged a protest with the Pakistani Rangers in this regard.

It is learned that BSF personnel deployed in Amritsar AOR (Area of ​​Responsibility) outpost heard the buzz of a suspicious object flying at an altitude of 300 meters at approximately 23:15 near Bharopal village gurdwara in Amritsar.

BSF DIG Bhupinder Singh said the drone penetrated at least 1 km into Indian territory when troops spotted it. Nine shots were fired before he was shot.

He said: “During the search, a hexacopter (drone) and a black bag wrapped in yellow tape were found in the fields. The hexacopter’s three-wing rods were found damaged. There was a hold-and-release mechanism, and the consignment was suspended with this mechanism through an iron ring.

“Although we have shot down four drones in the recent past, this is the first time we have recovered both the drone and the contraband. An investigation is underway to unravel those behind the plot and identify the intended location. where he was supposed to deliver the shipment.

No arrests had been made so far. “During a flag meeting with the Pakistan Rangers, we protested that this drone entered our side from their jurisdiction,” he said. The area was cordoned off and the Air Force station authorities informed. The BSF in collaboration with the police carried out a search in the area where the drone was spotted.

Of the 12 drug lockout recoveries made near the fence by the BSF in April-May, today’s was the largest. Meanwhile, BSF troops on a routine patrol outside the fence in the Attari area found three contraband packages, suspected of being heroin, from the fields.

Extra batteries for longer flight time

  • Additional batteries were fitted to the drone apparently to improve its flight capability, BSF DIG said.
  • Drone print scratched off in an attempt to hide source, but bag of heroin had Pak marking

Recent incidents in border districts

  • May 6: 510 g of heroin seized in the Amritsar area
  • May 2: 2.9 kg of heroin found in the village of Jodhawala in the Abohar sector
  • May 2: Three packages of heroin found in a field in the Amritsar area
  • May 1: 1 kg of heroin seized from a farmer in the village of Hardo Rattan in Amritsar
  • April 29: Drone intercepted near the village of Dhanoe Kalan in Amritsar
  • April 25: 1 kg of heroin found in the Amritsar area
  • April 23: 3.9 kg of heroin seized in the Amritsar area
  • April 19: 2.1 kg of heroin, a pistol found abandoned in the field of Amritsar
  • April 11: 3.9 kg of heroin seized in Amritsar
  • April 10: 1 kg of heroin tied to a tree found in Ferozepur area
  • April 7: 1.2 kg of heroin seized in the Ferozepur area
  • April 4: 2.2 kg of heroin recovered in the Tarn Taran

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