OnePlus 10 Ultra makes the cutting edge of a powerful periscope camera

Never mind the OnePlus 10 Pro, I think I will now wait for the OnePlus 10 Ultra, if the rumors of its existence are true. And these new renders only make the Ultra even better.

The renderings, made by Jermaine”Concept creator” Smit and published by LetsGoDigital, are based on a recently revealed patented OnePlus design. That means there’s a bit of guesswork to work out exactly what an Ultra OnePlus phone would look like, but it seems totally plausible and fits with what’s been said so far.

The big change with this alleged OnePlus 10 Ultra is that it replaces the OnePlus 10 Pro’s flash module and 3.3x optical zoom camera with a large periscope telephoto lens. Concept Creator marks the zoom as 5x magnification, typical of periscope cameras, but they can handle higher zoom levels. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example, is said to have a 10x optical zoom camera.

An unofficial render of the OnePlus 10 Ultra, showing the full length of the phone's back

(Image credit: Concept Creator/LetsGoDigital)

Following the new camera, the flash was moved to the upper right corner of the camera bump. The OnePlus 10 Pro‘s two best cameras – the 50MP main camera and the 48MP ultrawide camera – seem to have remained the same on this OnePlus 10 Ultra design, as you can see below. However, OnePlus could make the Ultra even more powerful by increasing the sensor size or resolution, which we wouldn’t necessarily be able to see from the outside.

An unofficial render of the OnePlus 10 Ultra and OnePlus 10 Pro, both in black

(Image credit: Concept Creator/LetsGoDigital)

A possible addition to the OnePlus 10 Ultra’s camera system would be the MariSilicon NPU designed by partner company Oppo. The two companies swapped many hardware and software components even before their merger last year, so the rumor that Oppo’s new photography-focused chipset will appear on a new OnePlus phone makes a lot of sense.

The front of the phone looks a lot like the OnePlus 10 Pro we already know we’re getting, aside from the screen. The 10 Pro’s screen is curved, while that of the patent and renders is flat. Curved screens can make phones with larger screens more comfortable, but other people find them irritating to use due to the increased likelihood of accidentally touching the screen.

An unofficial render of the OnePlus 10 Ultra, showing its flat screen

(Image credit: Concept Creator/LetsGoDigital)

There are currently no specs leaks for the OnePlus 10 Ultra, if it even exists at all. The periscope camera rumor is after all solely based on the design of the phone and the shape of the camera aperture, not an explicit claim about the camera itself. But if this phone exists, we’d expect it to feature a 120Hz LTPO 2.0 display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, and 80W charging, just like the OnePlus 10 Pro.

An unofficial render of the OnePlus 10 Ultra, showing the phone from the back and front.

(Image credit: Concept Creator/LetsGoDigital)

Although the OnePlus 10 Pro is fully official, it is currently only available for purchase in China. A UK and US release is confirmed, but OnePlus hasn’t given us a time indication yet. with the launch likely still a few months away, it’s time for more details to come out of the rumor mill whether it’s a OnePlus 10 Ultra or the base OnePlus 10 currently MIA.

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