New members bring new perspectives to Thanet Camera Club


‘100, coming or not’ by Peter Woodley

Submitted to the Thanet Gazette

New members of the Isle of Thanet Photographic Society generated new perspectives, ideas and creativity.

There were almost 60 entries for the first print competition this season, which brought great variety to Judge June Sharpe’s challenge.

She turned out to be an excellent reviewer, bringing humor to the evening, as well as a keen eye for detail.

Newcomer Peter Woodley won Group 2 with his gorgeous rhino print, titled ‘100, to come or not’.

The current wide range of digital cameras and cell phones used for photography has opened up many new opportunities for image makers, but these have not dampened the enthusiasm for continued use of cameras. film or even older technologies.

Stunning analog image

The club has a thriving analog group led by David Silk who continue to share his passion for experimentation using historic techniques.

This season, the club is focused on greater participation, with members sharing their experiences and skills. They will also host great speakers and their usual competitions.

In November, members are impatiently awaiting the competition with fixed themes “Contre Jour” and two member evenings.


Members meet at Ramsgate Football Club on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. To find out more, visit the club’s website or visit them on Facebook.

The Isle of Thanet Photographic Society is based in Ramsgate, Kent, with members across Thanet from Broadstairs, Margate and surrounding areas.

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