Microsoft says goodbye to passwords; Here’s how to pass without a password


Goodbye passwords, forever. Microsoft has kept its promise to provide password-less access to its accounts. The new feature will roll out in the coming weeks and requires the Microsoft Authenticator app to work.

Microsoft’s password-less future makes sense. As everyone knows, passwords have to be complex to be secure enough. But complex passwords are difficult to remember, and remembering multiple passwords is an even greater challenge.

There are many password managers, including those from Google and Apple, that are there to solve the memorization problem. But these still don’t completely remove the password and require it when you can’t authenticate via FaceID, fingerprint, or PIN.

The new no-password option was announced by Microsoft in a blog post. The message also states that 579 password attacks occur every second, or 18 billion attacks in a year.

How do I remove my Microsoft account password?

Those who are interested in Microsoft’s new security feature can go and remove their account password. Instead, they can use the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key, or verify by a code sent to your phone.

Here’s how to remove your Microsoft account password:

  • Download the Microsoft Authenticator app and sign in with your account
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account
  • Go to settings
  • Go to advanced security options
  • Access additional security options
  • Enable account setting without password
  • Follow the instructions and approve the notification from the Authenticator app

Note that this feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks, so it may not yet be present in your Microsoft account settings. You can also enable two-step authentication in the settings for more secure access. If you change your mind about using the feature without a password, you can always turn it off and go back to the old school.

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