MicaSense launches Altum-PT agricultural drone mapping sensor


MicaSense, specialist in multispectral drone sensors, has launched a new product to deliver highly accurate results at leaf-level resolution. The MicaSense Altum-PT three-in-one drone camera can capture synchronized multispectral, thermal and panchromatic data for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research.

MicaSense, which was sold by European drone group Parrot to AgEagle Aerial Systems earlier this year, is a household name in agriculture, plant research, land management and forestry. The company’s top-of-the-line Altum has been one of the best-selling sensors for mapping professional-grade agricultural drones since its introduction in 2018.

The new MicaSense Altum-PT advances legacy by incorporating an ultra-high resolution panchromatic imager, a 320 × 256 radiometric thermal imager, and five discrete spectral bands to produce synchronized outputs such as RGB color, crop vigor, High resolution thermal and panchromatic maps in a single flight.

Offering twice the spatial resolution of its predecessor, Altum-PT was introduced to give users more in-depth analytical capabilities and more diverse applications; enable them to discern problems at the plant level, even in the early stages of growth; and perform early-stage stand enumeration, as well as soil monitoring throughout the season, among other critical uses.

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Andries Potgieter, Associate Professor of Agriculture and Food Innovation at the University of Queensland in Australia, is excited about the new possibilities Altum-PT will bring to agricultural research where high spatial resolution of multispectral data is essential . Explains Potgieter:

In the past, we have flown at very low altitudes to achieve the necessary ground sampling distance or GSD. With GSD capabilities through the Altum-PT’s panoramic sharpening, our data collection efforts will be significantly streamlined. Having higher resolution thermal data from the Altum-PT will also be relevant for increased accuracy when determining the impact of abiotic and biotic stresses on crop performance at the plant, canopy and soil level. field in different environments.

MicaSense Vice President of Research and Development Justin McAllister points out that Altum-PT’s engineering innovations are the result of customer feedback and evolving industry needs. McAllister says:

Its improved and patented thermal calibration technologies ensure the most accurate heat maps available – more than twice as good as Altum, opening the door to very advanced research applications and even greater user benefits.

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