Man remains shaken after being robbed at gunpoint as he thought he was going to sell phone through Facebook Marketplace – CBS Chicago


CHICAGO (CBS) – A man was robbed at gunpoint when he thought he was meeting a buyer through Facebook Marketplace, and everything was filmed.

As CBS 2’s Marissa Parra found out, the man wasn’t the only online seller to be targeted.

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Mohammed “Fahad ‘Adil tried to sell his phone online. He was robbed at gunpoint instead.

“My family is worried,” Adil said. “They get nervous about leaving our house.

It started on Facebook Marketplace. Adil got interested when he listed his phone.

“I think, you know, it’s genuine,” he said.

Adil thought he had done his research – talking to the “buyer” over the phone and asking to meet him somewhere like a police station.

“This lady mentioned that she worked in elementary school and that she was disabled. and she won’t be able to drive, ”he said.

But that was actually the trap. Adil felt bad and decided to come see the woman from South Chicago.

But when he showed up at the 8000 block of South Chappel Avenue, she was nowhere to be found. She claimed she was sending her fiancé.

Within seconds it was a scene of horror.

Adil: “I was interacting with this person – someone else came up from my back and pointed a gun at my head”

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Parra: “Did you feel it?”

Adil: “Yeah, I literally feel it, and I’m like ‘What’s going on?’ And he said to me: ‘Shut up, give up all your stuff!’ “

The flight was captured by the cameras of Adil’s Tesla. The two crooks took both of his phones, including the one he was trying to sell, before taking off.

It would not be the first time. At least six people selling items on social media have been robbed since September – all within a one-block radius in south Chicago.

“They were literally professionals,” Adil said.

The other heists don’t surprise Adil. But the memory of hers still shakes her.

“I didn’t expect this to happen in the United States,” Adil said.

He wants his lesson to be a warning to fellow Chicagoans who meet through Marketplace.

“In the future, I will be very careful with foreigners,” Adil said. “I’m so lucky to be alive.

Unlike most crimes, Adil was able to provide the police with images of the thieves. But those high-tech cameras on his Tesla haven’t helped him yet.

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We contacted Chicago Police regarding his case. There was no update.

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