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KEY BISCAYNE, FLA. (WSVN) – A man is recovering in hospital after a police car crashed into a group of cyclists near Key Biscayne on Wednesday.

A group of cyclists were driving along Rickenbacker Causeway, when a Coral Gables policeman quickly turned right, causing some cyclists to brake and another to fall.

The riders blame officer Javi Ortiz for making this turn.

“You hit the brakes, my brother,” said one cyclist.

“We have you all on video,” said another rider.

The cyclists rotated their cameras as they surrounded the injured cyclist.

“We’ve all seen you,” said another cyclist.

Gables Police told 7News the officer tried to stop cyclists riding in front of the group.

Agents from Gables PD and elsewhere were there to enforce traffic laws within the cycling community.

“Go over there, please,” Ortiz told a biker.

Police obtained video footage of a biker with a go pro camera saying the following to another officer:

Biker: “You are not allowed to modify or edit the video in any way. “

Officer: “Okay.”

Driver Leonardo Torcat rode through the peloton and said Ortiz’s driving was dangerous.

“He cut in front of us,” Torcat said.

“It was very reckless; it was dangerous, ”said cycling advocate and prosecutor Lee Marks.

Police said the cyclists were not only in the bike lane, they were in the traffic lane, and some were even in the left lane.

“Cyclists can’t take the bike path because there are other slower cyclists,” Marks said, “so they use every third track. It’s early. They do not obstruct traffic.

Marks said mutual respect goes a long way when driving and cycling.

“These runners had just had a workout,” Marks said, “and it was a sharp, reckless turn ahead of them.”

Biker to Ortiz: “What would you say it was? Would you just say it was a U-turn? “

Ortiz: “A U-turn.”

Coral Gables Police said they were aware of the crash and at this point no formal complaint had been made to Internal Affairs.

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