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Is Candy doing well this year? Thanks for the Barbie. This year, for Christmas, I want a flying fairy. And a LoL doll. And there it is to be together. I can’t wait to see what you bring to me.

Did you know that you eat around 8 billion plates of cookies !! Thanks for the tablet. This year for Christmas, I would like a science kit for Christmas. A tip to keep your stomach from hurting is to give your reindeer half of your cookies.

How’s my old elf Rosey? Thanks for the tablet last year. This year, I want a guinea pig. I need the homeless to have shelter. Thanks for the elves.

Are your reindeer almost ready to drive the sled? Thank you for my pet. This year, for Christmas, I want to have Tonka the dog. Also I want a pop it. Have a good trip.

How long does it take to make toys. Thanks for the new PS4 controllers from last year. This year i want a lonely plush tn j toy. I want to give my mother a baby yoda. Hope you have fun this year.

Santa, how is your reindeer? Thanks for the hover board last year. This year I want Rainbow Rare Pokémon Cards. And a Jamal Chase jersey. Have a nice trip home.

How many elves do you have? Thanks Santa for the robot last year! This year, for Christmas, I want a phone. Also, I want a German Shepherd to have a good trip.

How is my elf cupcake? Thanks for last year’s prom. This year, for Christmas, I want legos and a dog. And I want to see dogs adopted. And your super Santa Claus.

How old are you? Thank you for my snowmobile. For Christmas I want a 410 and a TV. Have a good trip.

Are you ready for Christmas? Thank you Santa for my helmet. I want an iPhone 13. I want all homeless people to have homes and money.

Do you know my elf Muffin? Thanks for the tie dye kit. This year I want a Nintendo Switch. This year I need a new blanket. Have a good trip.

You have fun dropping gifts! Thanks for the jumping shoes. This year for Christmas I want a Nintendo Switch. Also, I want a new hover board, hope you have a nice trip.

How do reindeer fly? Thanks for the hat. I would like a Patrick Mahomes jersey and new shoes. Have a Merry Christmas!

How did you become Santa Claus? Thanks for the TV. I would like a Pop It and some new shoes. Have a Merry Christmas!

I want a toy fire truck. I want a little police car. How old are you. I am well this year. I am so excited for Christmas Day! I want a toy box. I want a 1,000 piece army men’s toy set.

I want an I Phone 13 Pro Max. I also want LED lights. I also want a Mac Book Pro. I want a Go Pro hero. I want a beaming.drive game. I also need a Roku TV.

I want a fluffy squish. My little sister Kinley wants a Nintendo Switch and an animal crossbreed. Can I have an elf? I want a rainbow corn. Do you have children if you have how many? How many elves do you have?

I will like a minecraft VR, PC and crafting table. You are also so nice. How many elves do you have? My brother wants a V-Bucks card. My mom will like some books. My sister will want dolls. My dad will love a drill.

Santa, may i have a book and an rc car. How many elves do you have? Thanks for bringing me gifts. How many reindeer do you have? how many gifts do you deliver each year?

I would like a hoyg pigny pop and a soft toy. I also wanted to thank you for coming to my house and giving me gifts. I want to ask if Arthur works at the North Pole?

I want a stuffed sea turtle. I want a snakes stuffed animal. I want a Nintendo Switch. Do you have Rodolphe?

My name is Kailyn. For Christmas, can I have more drawing materials and Legos. What’s the weather like at the North Pole.

What have you been to the North Pole, it’s cold here. I would like to have 17 mini brands 5 prizez please. I really want some, please get some please please please. And I will like a magic mix please please please. And I will like to have a talking unicorn please, she can move and talk and more stuff hope you have a nice day I love you Santa Claus.

I wish you a Merry Christmas. Do you like pizza what do your elves like pizza are you going on vacation can you fly through the chimneys if you are doing cool.

How are the reindeer. Please can you get me a hover board and xbox and xbox controller why do you like cookies so much?

So you know I don’t really care what I get but I only want a few things but you already know what it is so I’m not going to say it but two days before Christmas.

I don’t know but do you have a dog? What are your favorite cookies. I want an elf on the shelf. How’s your reindeer.

What is your favorite cookie. How nice are the reindeer. I want a Barbie dream house. I wish my brother would stay more days. I love the hard work you do.

This year I want a lot of things. I told Elfie to go through my Christmas list to tell you what I want. Today she’s in my candy bowl. She could come home with a Kit Kat. I want a bunch of LOL doll.

I want JoJo Siwa stuff and all girl stuff for Christmas my brother Jaxson he wants boy stuff. How are your reindeer? How many reindeer do you have? Do you like Christmas? My teacher is the most important teacher at Miss Willes School!

How are your reindeer doing. My name is Rosie. I have a sister and a brother. My brother wants Pokémon cards. My sister wants plush toys. What’s your favorite cookie? Your elf is looking at me.

I want a big toy for Christmas. I want my teacher to bring me something good. I hope this year will be a good year. And how are the reindeer.

How are your reindeer, hope you are having fun, they really want a little living pet for Christmas and how are your elves having fun.

I have been good this year. Well not too good but I hope I was good enough to get three things. First a set of scrapbooking. Beside losing some teeth. Finally, I want to go see Lily and Nora and that’s it. Merry Christmas!! PS I believe in you.

I have been good this year, so this year for Christmas I want a Bonnie plush FNAF toy. Springtrap plush. Golden Freddy plush. What do you do often? What is your favorite color? And also which bed do you have? And for Christmas, I want an FNAF Freddy figure, that’s it.

How did you become Santa Claus? Thanks for the car. I would like a soccer game and nerf. Have a Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a good time. Santa, what I really want for Christmas is a toy horse, that’s all. Who is your favorite reindeer Santa? Santa, what is your favorite color, mine is red and blue. Santa, you are the best Santa.

I love my elf on the shelf. She is beautiful. I don’t want toys but you can do whatever you want so you can or don’t have to. Just one thing I would like is a butterfly ornament. It’s a tradition. If you can do it. I love Christmas.

What is your favorite color, mine is blue. Can I please have a set of lego. I will always believe in you. Can I have a Barbie house and some Barbies. I have been good.

How did you become Santa Claus? Thank you for the living baby. I would like a skateboard and a necklace. Have a Merry Christmas!

I’ve been good, I want a lot, but I’ll tell you two things I want the most, a WWII gun toy and a remote control helicopter. What is your favorite color, is it true that you have Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

May I ask if Elfie is okay because she fell from the tree please. I would like to do the viris for Christmas. How is Santa’s camera on the bus and at home. I love your helpers. I like your costume. What’s your favorite cookie? I would like a camera and a go pro. please.

What kind of cookies do you like? How is your wife doing ? Can I please have a Barbie for Christmas and make her pop. Do you want to be friends. Have I been good this year Santa Claus. I like your wrapping paper. I love your big bird.

Santa, my favorite color is blue, what’s yours. Can you please get me lottery tickets. You are very much for our toys. I am good because I help clean up.

I have been good this year. I want a baby alive and full of popits. Have a merry Christmas! I love you.


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