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Bengaluru: A vendor covers his face as BBMP municipality marshals make microphone announcements for social distancing and wearing masks, amid the spread of coronavirus, at a market in the city of Bengaluru on Tuesday April 26, 2022. (PTI Photo)

Amid growing complaints about pre-wedding filming inside the Lalbagh in Bengaluru, the Karnataka Department of Horticulture has imposed a ban on carrying digital cameras inside the park. Authorities say another major reason behind the ban was that flash cameras distract the bees. Violation of the new standard results in a fine of Rs 500.

Deputy Director of Horticulture (Lalbagh) Kusuma G told The Indian Express that the order was placed over two years ago. “It is only now that this is highlighted. The main reason was that the bees were distracted by the camera flash. Also, the pre-wedding shoots inside the park made other visitors uncomfortable and we had received several complaints in this regard. Thus, the question was submitted to the advisory committee which gave the green light to the prohibition of digital cameras. Security personnel have been asked to check the cameras as many are trying to sneak them in. »

The January 2021 notification from the state Department of Labor, which allows commercial establishments with 10 or more employees to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, has been derided by resident welfare associations ( RWA) from Bengaluru.

“The notification not only poses multiple dangers for citizens, but will also violate fundamental rights. To our knowledge, this was passed without any public consultation. The Department of Labor under Section 12 of the Shops and Commercial Establishments Act of Karnataka has the right to change the opening/closing times of the establishment and not to take any decision which impacts significant in this city. While we understand the need for medical establishments to be open 24/7, this does not make sense for all commercial establishments, especially restaurants, bars, delivery aggregators and supermarkets,” said Sneha Nandihal, co-founder of I Change Indiranagar, a federation of RWAs in Indiranagar.

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