Japan to test Israeli and US drones

Japan’s Defense Ministry plans to deploy Israeli and American-made attack drones in 2023 to defend remote islands.

The American-made Switchblade and the Harop drone from Israel Aerospace Industries are expected to be deployed.

Both are trailing ammo weapons (also known as suicide drones or kamikaze drones) who passively wait around the target area and attack once a target is located.

The ministry intends to field several hundred attack drones from 2025, including Japanese-made drones, to bolster its deterrence capabilities, reported news from japanciting government sources.

The report notes that the Ukrainian military has used attack drones against Russian forces, achieving substantial results while limiting fatalities.

The government intends to use drones primarily on the Ryukyu Islands (aka the Nansei Islands). He foresees that they will be employed in an emergency to strike at hostile warships approaching islands and enemy forces attempting to land. Drones will also be used for surveillance.

The Harop is about 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) long and can fly for nine hours, while the Switchblade is about 36 centimeters (14 inches) long and easy to carry, but can only fly for 15 minutes.


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