Islamabad police to use ‘non-lethal drones’ to disperse rioters

In a significant step forward in establishing law and order, the Islamabad capital police have acquired advanced technological capability to prevent rioters from wreaking havoc in the federal capital.

According to a statement posted by Islamabad Police on Twitter on Saturday, the police in the capital have acquired advanced technological capabilities to limit and regulate public gatherings to maintain public order.

According to Islamabad Police, non-lethal drones will be used to limit and regulate public gatherings and disperse protesters in the future.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad Safe City project has announced the expansion of its network to cover the whole city and a total of 389 cameras have been added to the system in the past 30 days for wider online monitoring.

In May earlier this year, the coalition government led by the PML-N had failed to contain the militants and supporters of the PTI – who, while organizing their “Haqeeqi Azadi March” – had managed to overcome all the barriers and reached near D-Chowk after planting trees and public. burning property in the blue zone of the federal capital.

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All major government facilities including Parliament, Supreme Court, Prime Minister’s house and office, key ministries and offices, residence of legislators, offices of national broadcasters, among other important buildings are located remotely walk from D-Chowk.

Although PTI representatives assured the Supreme Court that no damage would be done to property during the rally, the blue zone scenes not only contradicted this but were horrifying as trees, green belt areas and public property was set on fire. May 25.

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