India develops indigenous anti-drone technology, forces will get it soon: Amit Shah

India is developing indigenous technology to thwart the growing drone threat at the country’s borders and it will soon be made available to security forces, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday.

“The best technology available in the world will be brought to you for border security. This is the government’s commitment. To deal with the drone threat, the BSF, NSG and DRDO are working together on an anti-drone defense system. I have full confidence in our scientists. Very soon we will have a native anti-drone system in the country, ”Shah said addressing BSF staff on the occasion of the 57th Force Mobilization Day in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

This is the first time that BSF Collection Day has been celebrated near the Indo-Pakistan border. The Home Secretary appreciated the force’s decision and said that such celebrations should indeed be held in places where the force jawans give examples of bravery every day and not in Delhi.

“Any country can only progress and make its culture prosper if it is safe. And it is you who are securing the country. The nation is proud of you. For the Modi government, the meaning of border security is national security. So remember that you are not just securing the borders, but giving the nation the opportunity to secure its position in the world, ”Shah said.

Shah said the government is not only committed to ensuring the welfare of the force’s personnel, but is also investing heavily in improving border infrastructure. “For better border infrastructure, the road construction budget has increased from Rs 23,000 crore between 2008 and 2014 to Rs 44,600 crore between 2014 and 2020. This shows that we are determined to improve border infrastructure” said Shah.

The Minister of the Interior also placed emphasis on improving relations between BSF staff and civilians living in border areas. He said that BSF must take care of the people and see if all government programs are implemented on the ground.

“The government has launched several social assistance programs for those living near the borders. I urge BSF jawans to be careful with the implementation of these programs, while securing the borders, whenever you have the time. If we are able to keep our border people happy, to improve their facilities, that will help you secure the borders. I am sure that you will maintain both relations and communications with the border workers, ”he said.

According to BSF, Shah paid rich tributes to the BSF jawans who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. “He recalled the role of the BSF in various historical events like the 1971 war, when BSF personnel bravely fought against a numerically superior force as it was in the nascent stage of its lifting,” said the BSF.

“During the parade, contingents from different Frontiers of Border Security Force marched past the inspection platform, demonstrating the valor, saga and commitment of Seema Praharis to the nation. The parade included a parade of 12-foot contingents, including Mahila Prahari’s contingent, officers and decorated men, the famous camel contingent and camel band, a mounted column, a dog squad, a communication contingent displaying technological advances in strength, a special appearance of the BSF bagpipes, ”he added.

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