How to take a 3D photo on your phone


Taking 3D photos on your Android or iOS device is quite easy if you have the right set of apps. These apps convert your 2D photos into 3D images, making them vivid and interactive.

Without a doubt, a 3D image is more efficient compared to a 2D photo. You can create 3D photos without purchasing additional devices.

What exactly does 3D mean?

Photos taken by cell phones are two-dimensional, giving an idea of ​​the length and width of an object. The 3D effect allows the images to be more realistic as it adds depth to the image. They provide 2D images with a sense of movement and realism. Basically, 3D technology puts the subject in the foreground and measures it against the background.

To take a 3D photo, download one of the apps from the list and start capturing:

1. LucidPix 3D Photo Creator

LucidPix main page

This is a unique 3D photo app that allows you to click pictures without moving your phone. It doesn’t even require a multi-camera phone to capture a 3D image. A normal 2D image is converted to 3D using AI. The application gives a sense of depth to the image when you move or tilt your mobile phone.

With LucidPix, you can take photos with your cell phone’s built-in camera or use the app’s camera (which also uses your phone’s camera). The app offers special filters to create perfect 3D images.

To download: LucidPix for Android | ios (Free, premium version available)

2. Loopsie – 3D Photo Creator

3D Loopsie photo application

An app with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, Loopsie helps you take 3D photos and record videos in high resolution. A unique feature of this app is that it has a stabilization tool. So even if you have shaking hands, you don’t have to worry about ending up with blurry photos.

Loopsie takes photos where you can choose a certain area of ​​the image to be looped back, providing a cinematic effect. 3D motion pictures can be saved as short videos in HD resolution in various required formats.

To download: Loopsie for Android | ios (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Phogy 3D Camera

Phoggy #D Camera for Android

Phogy is a 3D application that allows you to take photos from different angles. This means that while aiming at your target you have to move your camera slightly right and left and Phogy will take multiple shots to produce a 3D image. This app also works with the phone’s front camera, allowing you to take innovative selfies.

Related: How To Take Better Selfies: Tips For UsingThe Phogy app also allows you to create live images to save as GIFs and MP4 videos. You can share your work with your friends or use it as wallpaper for your mobile phone.

To download: Phogia for Android | ios (Free in-app purchases available)

4. PopPic

PopPic 3D Camera for iPhone


With PopPic, you can enjoy 3D photography and also convert existing images in your gallery to 3D images. AI tools give you a sense of depth as you move or tilt your mobile phone. You can share your 3D images on Facebook and other compatible 3D networks. For other platforms, you can share it as a short video.

PopPic offers different 3D filters and frames to choose from. You can also modify your images by adding more depth and changing the focus of the main image. This app is only available for iOS users.

To download: PopPic for ios (Subscription required, free trial available)


Steroid 3D Pro for Android and iPhone


i3DSteroid is relatively new to the field of 3D imaging applications and has instantly become popular. The reason is its selection of photo effects. It provides unique effects to a 2D image to make it look like a 3 dimensional image. It also offers various filters to make your image come alive. Filters are compatible with both front and rear camera images.

You can also edit your old photos with i3DSteroid. It includes tools to help you rotate, resize or crop your images to your preference.

To download: i3DSteroid for Android | ios (Free, subscription available)

6. Parallax 3D Photo Editor

Parallax 3D Photo Editor for iPhone


Parallax allows you to take 3D photos and also record 3D videos. It allows you to transform your existing images into 3D with just one touch. You can change the direction of the image and blur the background or enhance the depth with this app.

Parallax has a built-in camera for taking 3D photos for iPhone and offers four different capture modes. It allows you to regulate the decrease in range of motion according to your preferences. All projects are saved in high resolution and can be shared directly from the app. Parallax is only available for iOS devices.

To download: Parallax for ios (Subscription required, free trial available)

7. Fyuse 3D Photos

Fyuse Photos 3D for Android

Fyuse gives you more space to move around to create an enhanced 3D image. It enhances the depth of your clicks and captures more space. You can see them from different angles.

Fyuse is an Android app and has various tutorials for taking sharp photos. Besides providing 3D photos, this app offers an integrated social media platform. It allows you to add a photo description and create a photo timeline to receive likes and comments from your friends and family.

To download: Fuse for Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

8. Zoetropic

Zoetropic 3 photo app for Android and iOS


This is a unique app that puts your still images in motion. Zoetropic transforms an image into moving 3D images. You can think of this app as a mix of 3D and moving still images.

Related: How to Send High Quality Photos with WhatsAppIt sounds confusing, but can be explained with an example. Consider a static waterfall image. With Zoetropic, you can set movement points to make the water flow. You can choose the parts of the image that should stay still and select the parts that you want moving. Moreover, you can add soundtracks from your audio library to achieve more realistic effect.

To download: Zoetropic for Android | ios (Free in-app purchases available)

Tips for taking the best 3D photos with your smartphone

A mobile phone has its limitations, such as the lack of lenses to capture all angles, the limited usefulness of AI, etc. Some tips for the best 3D photography can help. First, take photos against a solid background, preferably with just one color. A cluttered background may not give you the results you want. Second, place objects in the center of the movable frame. This will help the 3D application preserve depth and produce better results.

With these tips for taking enhanced images, you are not far from taking stunning 3D photos on your smartphone using the apps mentioned above.

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