How to organize a linen closet – 9 methods that go beyond folding

There’s no denying that linen closets are desirable features and high on the must-have list for an organized home. Housing the necessities of daily life, this space is reserved for everything that is textile. While the path to a clutter-free and streamlined space may seem simple, organizing a linen closet is more than just folding. Although this is of course a key characteristic of a beautiful space.

When people are looking for a new home, if there are visible additional storage options, like linen closets, that’s a big selling point. But if, like most of us, you have to make do with what you have, you need to get a little creative. You might be lucky enough to have a large linen closet, in which case keeping it tidy might seem deceptively obvious; you might be working with a tiny space where using every inch will be the secret to a neat finish; or you may need to create a makeshift linen closet to store your towels, sheets and everything else.

Organized linen closet

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Luckily, you don’t need a big budget or a lot of time to successfully organize your laundry. Being smart with shopping carts and having an expert-approved system in place will help you sort out your space and keep it that way.

“Linen closets are a general area for all things fabric. A place where towels and bedding belong. Depending on the space, you’ll also often find cleaning supplies, essential toiletries, and extra pillows/duvets,” says Rivka Davidowitz, founder of Organize It. “Every customer’s inventory and space differs, so there’s no right or wrong answer.”

How to successfully organize a linen closet

So what should be stored in a linen closet? And what’s the best way to keep it organized? We asked several experts who are organizing for a living to share their top tips for organizing a linen closet.

1. Start by purging

Often things are put away in a closet to be dealt with at a later date. The best place to start when organizing a linen closet is to remove anything you no longer want or need. “You will want to get rid of any torn, stained or otherwise unusable items. Maybe you’re still holding baby towels or other sentimental items. Set them aside to store with other heirlooms so what you put back in the closet is only what you use now,” recommends Shayla Cobb of Getting it Done Organizing.

2. Sort everything by type

‘After the purge you will want to sort the items. There are many ways to sort items, but we recommend sorting laundry by type and room. Assemble all the sheets of the same size, then divide them by room. Do the same with towels, hand towels and washcloths. Primary sheets and blankets go with primary towels, children’s sheets all go together and so on,” says Cobb.

Organized linen closet

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3. Take an inventory of items

You’ll want to take inventory of everything you need to store so you know what kind of storage solutions you need for your items. This way you won’t overspend on storage items or cater to anything that needs a proper home.

4. Reserve baskets for mismatched items

Baskets are a great choice for organizing items in a linen closet. They come in all sizes and fit perfectly on the shelf. “We’re more inclined to use the shopping cart option to minimize the visual clutter of incompatible items,” says Stacy Chia of a conscious method which specializes in the organization of luxury interiors.

Organized linen closet with boxes on shelves

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Use baskets to store folded sheet sets, hand towels, extra blankets and more. Kasey Moore, Founder of Organized Moore suggests, ‘If you’re not a skilled folder – use baskets to keep things tidy. Be sure to label each basket to ensure everything is placed in the correct basket!’

Laundry organized in a wooden cupboard

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5. Line the bottom of a linen closet with oversized bins

Oversized bins work great at the bottom of a linen closet for storing things like Kleenex boxes and toilet paper rolls. “Trash cans are a great way to conceal contents, giving the closet a uniform and eye-pleasing look,” says Jessica DeSiato, founder of Thoughtfully Organized.

Organized linen closet with boxes on shelves

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6. Explore shelf dividers

Shelf dividers can be used to separate the shelves of a linen closet, making the space more functional and able to store more items. “It’s best to fold towels in a basket or stack them neatly with shelf dividers,” recommends Chia. You can find shelf dividers at places like the Container Store.

Organized linen closet with boxes on shelves

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7. Separate toiletries in acrylic or wire containers

Acrylic or wire containers are great for storing extra toiletries like toothpaste, hand soap, brushes and more that haven’t made it into your bathroom organization system. bath. These types of containers work because you can see the inside at a glance and easily get what you need. “A linen closet should store all the linens and toiletries in the house. Such as toilet paper, hand and body soap, shampoos and conditioners, extra toiletries for travel, etc. says DeSiato.

Organized linen closet with boxes on shelves

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8. Roll the towels

Choosing how to fold and store towels can be tricky and really depends on how much space you have. “I generally use the rolling method when working with towels. Not only does it give it that nice sleek look on a shelf, but you end up saving space. For small towels that get misplaced easily, I put them in a trash can or basket to hold them,” says Davidowitz.

Towels organized in wire mesh bins

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Rachel Rosenthal of Rachel organizes says, “I always organize by type of towel. That way I stay like with like and things can stay categorized. This way it will also make it easier for you when you need a certain type of towel. For example, if all the bath towels are together, it will be easier for you to find one when you need it rather than having them in different places in a linen closet and grabbing a washcloth instead. .

Sheets and towels organized on the shelves of the boxes

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9. Labeling is essential

When using containers or bins that are not transparent, labeling is essential. You can also use labels to mark where towels and sheet sets go if they are stored on the open shelf and not in a container.

Toilet paper and linens organized in the closet

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What if I don’t have a linen closet?

“My bathroom has a pedestal sink, so counter and cabinet space is sorely lacking. I turned a vintage hutch into a linen closet to store anything and everything we might need,” says Mariah Hilsenbrand of Worcester Run. “Things like towels, lotions, Q-tips, etc. are displayed in the upper glass section of the hutch and less glamorous items like toilet paper and extra boxes of toothpaste are kept in the lower compartment.”

Organized closets

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Having an organized linen closet is wonderful for so many reasons – it helps relieve stress because everyone knows where to find what they need and it’s easy to see what needs to be replenished when it’s time to go to bed. store. It helps keep sheets and blankets wrinkle-free and easy to access when needed. Even if you implement just a few of the pro-approved methods for organizing your linen closet, you’ll quickly see just how easily accessible a beautiful and functional space can be.

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