GoPro: Focuses on Work-Life Balance with New Remote Work Policies GoPro Focuses on Work-Life Balance with New Remote Work Policies


In the office? Fully remote? Hybrid? The choice is yours: live your best life while helping us build the best business in the world.

GoPro recognizes that there is no single policy for work preferences. And as we roam our future worktops around the world, GoPro prioritizes employee preferences and flexibility to meet our talents where they are to enable them to live their best lives.

Our Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman, set the tone for GoPro’s working policies for the future:

GoPro fully supports its employees who wish to relocate for any reason, whether to pursue their passions, be closer to their family or otherwise. We proactively encourage our employees to relocate if it makes them happy and appreciated, as we believe that happiness leads to increased productivity and general well-being.

Additionally, we believe people should be paid for their expertise, no matter where they live. For this reason, GoPro employees will not suffer a pay cut if they choose to relocate.

GoPro is as good as its people, and we believe our employee-centric approach can help us attract and retain the best talent possible to help us take our business to new heights.

Since 2015, we have regularly surveyed our employees to get their feedback, understand levels of engagement and take action to seize key organizational improvement opportunities. As we navigate COVID-19, these investigations continue to serve an even more important purpose.

In response to the pandemic, GoPro employees began working from home in March 2020. In the months that followed, GoPro employees performed a camera launch, re-app launch, and hikers. GoPro subscription the heart of our product offering.

In addition to recognizing operational improvements and this consistent execution during the pandemic, employee data surveyed revealed that 85% of our team would prefer to work remotely at least three days a week. Given the data, GoPro management continues to support remote and hybrid work preferences.

We’re proud of the dedication, resilience and level of execution our team has demonstrated throughout the pandemic, and it’s clear that the flexibility of remote working isn’t just a temporary fix. It will be an essential part of GoPro’s DNA going forward.

Through surveys of businesses, we’ve also learned that many employees want the best of all worlds: the ability to work remotely when they want and need it, and the ability to travel to a physical space to connect with them. others. We are committed to supporting both options to foster work-life balance and a fulfilling career at GoPro.

Our philosophy also extends to salary practices, as we will not penalize employees by lowering compensation if they choose to relocate to an area with a lower cost of living. We believe that your skills, abilities and contributions to the business are more important than where you live.

That’s why we’ve decided that compensation for all US-based positions will be aligned with our California-based offices, with a similar regional philosophy extended to our global offices. Full stop, we believe that employee compensation should be determined by their contributions to the organization.

GoPro’s mission is to be a force for positivity, to celebrate all the great in the world, and to inspire people to lead active lives. Our work philosophy carries the same message, allowing employees to live the lifestyle they desire while being able to present themselves at work as the best versions of themselves, whether in a GoPro office, in the remote workspace of their choice, or a bit of both.

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