Former Jets Pro Bowl addition speaks out on vicious hit that rocked NFL preseason

The New York Jets are an interesting team to follow in the 2022 NFL season. With two possible contenders in their division, they likely won’t make significant noise in the regular season. However, there’s no denying that they’ve built a pretty good roster going forward. They made some good draft decisions and signed guys who can potentially contribute and help the younger guys thrive.

One of the Jets’ recent acquisitions in the 2022 offseason was former Pro Bowler Kwon Alexander. The former Saints linebacker delivered one of the most vicious moments of the preseason when he delivered that crushing blow to Antonio Williams in the Jets-Giants game.

Asked about the brutal blow, the Jets linebacker said this.

“When I hit someone, I go through their soul,” Alexander told the Post, “I want them to feel me when I hit them.”

Kwon Alexander would then develop this vicious move. Here’s what the new Jets linebacker had to say about the hit and its afterplay consequences.

“It was great to hit someone like that again,” Jets linebacker Kwon Alexander said. “When I had my chance [at Williams], I just fired. Everyone on the sideline was excited, everyone was fired up. I was angry because we didn’t have the ball. We have to get that ball back. A hit like that can be a spark. It was just a while, man.

The Jets right now may not be a strong playoff contender. With the Dolphins and Bills in their division, getting 8 wins could be a tough task. However, the culture they are building with veterans like Alexander could push them over the edge in future seasons.

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